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Beautiful Autumn Is Here

My vacation came and went. I remember it coming but I really dont know where it went. Not too happy. Not knowing what awaits me tomorrow at work at all as I lost my delivery area due to cuts all over Austria… But hiding forever does not work. Better face it now and deal with it.

Nevertheless, I did a bit more Halloween crafting and decorating. Not quite done yet and there is a pillow still in works, too:

The sofa wall looks better and better, i love it!

Emma is doing quite well. We might be getting her behaviours a bit better under control. Unfortunately, we are now making big steps back in getting her house trained. You cant have it all I guess. Today the little one turned 13 weeks old.

Lots and lots of Emma photos on my FlickR account. And because I can…:

Uni has started this week… Its getting a bit easier to go when you have a degree eyeing around the corner. Not very, very close, but so much closer than I thought. Also need to try again to do Latin this year. Tedious. Odd that I did 4 semesters of Jiddish before learning Latin. Shows priorities.

I also found out, that I get into the theater for 50% less with my card for disabled people. Dang that I didnt ask sooner. So we reserved cards for Sound Of Music right away. Second season, first run was completely sold out, so they are doing it again. It is supposed to be absolutely excellent. cant wait. Lots of good plays this year. I cant wait for Kafkas Das Schloss.

I was lazy as hell the last 4 week. Deadly embarrassing how little I did and accomplished. So we took use of the wonderful autumn weather yesterday, and climbed again our favourite mountain. It was stunning. We also climbed it in one of our best times ever. A little over 2 hours 20. We rock! I love to leave people behind me at the Dopplersteig. There are not many that can follow me up those crazy stairs in my speed. 😉 The change of colours is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

Complete set of photos in full size here. I also read lots and lots and lots of good books. I can really recommend the new Chris Carter book. SO GOOD! Eagerly awaing the new Zafón and Morton book!

On Thursday was a session between the risk management of the hospital and the patients advocacy (I dont know the proper translation to English, you would probably call it differently). They discussed my case there plus lots of other cases most likely. Havent heard back, awaiting this judgement: not nice.

I am very much enjoying this season of Glee. I really like that they are taking the graduates to college, so good! I especially enjoyed The Scientist from last episode. Goosebumps!

Going to watch Merlin now. Yay!!!! New season!

Life goes on. ALWAYS.

2 Responses to “Beautiful Autumn Is Here”

  1. Reply to this comment
    4:49 am on October 8th, 2012

    We also have patient advocates & health advocates here in the US…I imagine they fight the same fight with hospitals & our health care system. Best of luck on your outcome!

    BEAUTIFUL …STUNNING…the mountain framed by autumn colors is my fav! I feel the clear crisp air just looking at them! Leaves here are only just about to start turning color.

    Good luck with P.O. & Emma’s house-training! Enjoy Sound of Music!!!! 😀

  2. Reply to this comment
    7:18 pm on October 16th, 2012

    Yes, we have advocates too.

    Emma is so cute. I love how she enjoys playing fetch so much.

    All the best with university – how long do you have to go?

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