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Spring Break, Before Return Of Winter

Let me start this entry with our delicious breakfast today: Muffins filled with plum marmalade with cinammon-sugar-creme topping on top. Whipped up in about 15 minutes (without baking). 😀 Even better than it sounds! And such an easy but deeply satisfying project.

I have recovered from my semi-burnout and am almost back into full swing mode. Laying around is simply not made for me. I enjoy being on the go, because I make so many experiences that make me who I am, also I can do so many things, because I take the effort to learn whatever it is that I want to learn. 💡 Everything has good and bad sides, as life always goes really. If a day would be just a little bit longer, I think I would do even more. 😀

Since my last entry I did lots of Easter sewing, enough for this season at least:

My socks are done, too, even though the photo is not showing it, Emma approves (so she looks…):

I started the Terry Pratchett books last week. My first one being Mort. Now, I am totally hooked to the new Chris Carter book. It was released here on Friday, so of course we went to the book store the same day and bought it. Fantastic, so good that you dont want to put it away until all finished. 😛 It is really nice, to read a regular book for a change, instead to being glued to my Kindle.

Another book I really want to get is coming out tomorrow. I am sure once next weekend comes around, I am done with both. 💡

Life is challenging of course. So many insane problems at work. The union is on a constant fight for me, they are amazing! 3 1/2 years they thought for something, which ended up being dealt with by THE chefs itself in Vienna in the end, and the union won. Will post about it when I indeed get it. 😐 Now they are fighting for my 6th week of vacation, because I do have a disability of 60%(!), at the Chamber of Labour and I had a nervous breakdown at work, after all. I screamed at my group leader for over 10 minutes. Like really screamed at her. It IS a miracle that they didnt fire me on the spot. We ended up having a staff meeting. With two people from the union, my group leader, the chef from the distribution center and myself. It was necessary. A good talk, no hard feelings on either side. Plus: I am getting my delivery area back. It will change a bit because of more cuts, but this insane hopping areas will have an end very soon. So relieved!

I AM out of my burn out, but there are so many places where I have to constantly fight, it is taking its toll. Even with the meds that I am on. 😕

I had a control appointment at the hospital again, different doctor sais I still have a treatment future ahead of me. Either with another round of Biologics: Rituximab, or I can try MTX, which is the only immune suppressant that I skipped, because it is pure poison. Lets see how this all developes. I think I am doing quite ok on the radiation treatments for now.

Better get back to writing on my Linguistics paper. One “17 pages seminar paper” was finished Thursday, weheeeee, such an excellent feeling of accomplishment! ➡ After that, I have another paper “German as foreign language” and than last semesters papers are all done. Thank God.

Always fighting is REALLY tiring, but it makes me tougher by the second. Always need to look on the positive side. Have a very good week everyone! 😎

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    7:16 am on March 11th, 2013

    That is one incredible looking muffin! Ha! The look on Emma’s face is priceless. In spite of all the challenges I’m glad you’re un-burnt-out…you sure do get a lot done! Enjoy your books!

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