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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Happiest New Year everyone! That we will master and enjoy whatever comes our way!

2013 was another eventful year, which is good. It means I am alive, kicking and experiencing! The Good and the Bad. 🙂

Some of the key experiences as I remember them. Might have to edit this later as I think of more.

I am growing. I have learned a lot about myself, of how life works – though I will never fully understand it! – and I am managing. Mostly, with weak spots along the way. This year started with being on Anti-Depressants and the weight gain that goes along with them. I stopped taking them sooner than later and started therapy. Big milestone! I cannot go too often, as expensive, but I have learned some valueable lessons there. Expentancy is a horrible thing. Stop expecting anything for your own good. It affects how you enter a situation, how you handle it and how you think about it. Take it as it comes.

I have lost a very dear friend of mine whom I had known since over a decade. The first young person I knew that died in her young adulthood. Only a month after we got together here. It gave me a lot of perspective back that I needed. A lesson that Silvia always said to me: live fully and do it now. Life is over before you know it, live live live. Dont spend your time in negative spirits, it isnt worth it. And I know, sometimes it just isnt possible. Do your best! 😀 I try to live fully. Take everything with me that I can. Despite the circumstances that I live under. I want to experience it all. I could stay at home and weep over my pitiful existence but it isnt worth it. Every second of it is a waste. And to my dear friend Katty: I MISS YOU. You will never be forgotten. For all the right reasons. ➡

Healthwise, I think I have reached a better level of health. Going back to the hospital after all the drama was good and bad. Good because I have advanced to be the patient of the chef itself and he knows what he is doing, dermatology wise. 😉 In the other aspects… hmm. He has managed to get my skin to a much better level. I have been so very much worse. Progress. I am fighting for my health. Even went to the Obgyn for the very first time in my life. To be able to get the medications that I need. I am so brave. 😉 Health is mostly important. Take care of yourselves, ALWAYS!

Guitarwise it wasnt a good year. Didnt do a lesson at all. But I definitly want to start again. But I did lots of crafting. Sewing, crochetting… so much fun!

Excersize: we only climbed the Untersberg I think 5 times. But my brother and me found a new hobby we absolutely love: Inline Skating! Absolutely brilliant. We spent our summer on our skates. See: Runtastic Stats
Year 2013, activities 41, distance 518.63 km, duration 64:13:11, calories 20467. 😀 Not bad.

I got my delivery area back. 🙂 Who knows for how long, but still. What Uni concerns… not the progress that I wanted, as I fight my semi burnout.

And of course human disappointements that came so very unexpected. Cutting ties is probably one of the most horrible things you can do to a person. Everyone is worth so much respect to not do this to them. Hard to not give up on people altogether and move into an Elfenbeinturm. AS with every bad thing that happens to you, there dies something inside of you as you get bitter and more bitter. I am fighting for my future and not giving up on my dream of having a family. Who knows what the future holds. The Good and the Bad.

2013 was a good reading year. I read 42 books:

Turtelina’s 2013 book montage

Die Larve
Die Haarteppichknüpfer
Das rote Haus
Die verlorenen Spuren
Die drei ???. Im Schatten des Giganten
Der letzte Tag: Roman: Gott wird dich finden
Gevatter Tod
Der Nachtwandler
Das Erbe von Winterfell
Der unsterbliche Alchemyst
Der Thron der Sieben Königreiche
Die Saat des goldenen Löwen
Sturm der Schwerter

Turtelina’s favorite books »

There were a lot of favourites. Winter Ghosts from Kate Mosse, Angst from Dirk Kurbjuweit, the George Martin books of course and The Escape From Furnace series… Jo Nesbos latest book Police, incredible! Books are brilliant. All things said. 🙂 This year I challenged myself to read 50 books. Big goal.

And Emma of course, who brings so much joy and desaster into our lives. She is one loving, cuddly and biting dog who loves to destroy things more than anything. We love her.

This entry was written while listenting to the absolutely brilliant New Years Concert. Loooooooove. <3 Daniel Barenboim did an absolutely excellent job, the best since years, he picked brilliant melodies from the very rich collection of Strauss and so on!

This year is absolutely brandnew and untouched. Billions good wishes for 2014. ➡ LIVE and ENJOY. Lots of hugs.

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