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Das Verschwinden des Josef

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-1415 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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The Mountains Echoed

Lovely week of vacation. ➡ It included sleeping in, baking yummy things, reading excellent books, Uni work only, and a very pleasant visit to the zoo. Happy! 😎 Also a bit of shopping at Ikea, Thalia and Lainer. And of course cleaning, rearranging and putting things away. Necessary.

I am still not done with my first Bachelor Paper. It is taking forever it seems. At this point, I am reconsidering everything that I have written. 😥 Rewriting, deleating, adding paragraphs, rethinking certain thoughts… Most difficult it is. I just dont want to pass. I have put so much time and energy into it, I want to get a good grade. This past week I got the grade for the exam I took a month ago: I got an A, so very pleased. 🙂 I am not so dumb after all.

Finally had time to bake again. I made chocolate chip cookies and scones:

I read the most brilliant book this past week. And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Housseini. It is immensly well told. It will rip your heart out. An absolutely amazing story, and everyone should read it. Its mirroring peoples strengths and weaknesses. It made me cry and cry and cry, it is this beautiful. One of my most favourite books now I have to say. Very much recommended.

Brother had a massive fit again. It broke me until I got back up again. I think his moods follow a structure and when he sais he wants to end it all, I have to put it into perspective. He is mad and I think he a severe personality disorder. He has no empathy at all. I am no longer going to carry his moods for him. This was the last time. Of course it made me miss people that used to help me, but oh well. Bad luck will find them. 🙂 Or me, more likely.

I met up with Luise and little Eugen on Friday to go the Zoo. I really like Eva a lot, but it is nice to sometimes meet up with people who are my age, too and necessary. I loved it so much, that I want to get a season ticket, so I can go there after work, after Uni, whenever I feel like it to visit. Loooove this zoo, this is probably one of my most favourite shots ever, and it fits so perfectly to my Bachelor Paper topic, that I will include it in the end, with the dedication To All Free Apes. Pun intended. 😉

Hellbrunn is a tiny zoo, but they have built it into the mountain which makes it look spectaculor and so different to other zoos. Not too many exotic animals though. But turtles, lots of turtles! I also love the cohabitations there, as said, the turtles live with the apes:

The capricorns live in a herd, no place for other animals:

Plus other animals:

And the meercats are always hillarious:

There are more animals of course. I am sure I will post many more photos soon, when I have my season ticket. 😀

I was supposed to go the hospital last week, but after this past summer, I swore to myself, no more vacation time in the hospital, not even appointements. This coming week it will be. Appointement with the new chef, who is not an expert on atopic ekzema at all. This will not be interesting. Especially as I am such a difficult case and not responing too well to the normal treatments. I will find out I suppose. I still wish that someone from outside had gotten the job.

I definitely didnt miss work and the people there one bit. Tomorrow still back to the regular program. But I am much less sleep deprived than last week at the time. No escaping life… I leave you with Breaking Dawn, ah I love word plays… 😀

Have a good week you all, make the best out of everything! Lots of love. ➡

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    6:20 am on March 11th, 2014

    Wow, great monkey picture…so post-apocalyptic looking!

    Gotta love all those animals!

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