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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-900 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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The Joke Is On Mankind

The rest of my vacation was fantastic! As was Emmas really:

I did lots of swimming and made some big improvement! I must have swam about 15 kilometers in 4 days! I am rrrrrrreaalllly happy! I am one of the fastest in the Uni Swimming Course, which is a very much needed ego boost. 😀 I also bought myself an absolutely brilliant K-Mix Machine from some of the money that I got for Christmas from the people in my delivery area. I love it so much! I made muffins pretty much instantly after upacking it. (Not to forget the Tiramisu that I made.)

And we bought lots of flowers for most of my flowerpots :

I was not too happy for my vacation to end. 🙁 Going back to the postoffice is absolutely dreadful! Took use of my last days and cuddled up with Emma on the sofa, which I never do ever (her hair!), it was loveley:

Not to forget all the cleaning that I did! So much to clean and so little time. But every little thing makes a huge improvement! Look, we have a snail sitting on the windowsill:

Brother and I got a belated, but very much appreciated, gift from the Easter Bunny, it does exist, OH MY GOD!

I got sweets (and eggs!) for Easter from the people in my delivery area, didnt have the nerve to take a picture *SHAME*, but I took a photo of the sweets (and eggs!) that I got this week, SO LOVELEY! I am spoiled rotten!

The weather was really nice lately , so I took an evening walk up to the Richterhöhe to ponder life. You all must be sick of the photos by now, but it was incredible peaceful and quiet (at least for the first bit) up there:

  • Lamppost to Narnia?
  • Up we go.
  • Sun Dawn
  • Evening walk up to the Richterhöhe.
  • Lala
  • Love all of the wall mounting.
  • The Castle.
  • The sky is the limit!
  • Old fortification.
  • More.
  • Castle from farther away.
  • The benches to sit on and chill away.
  • So loveley up there.
  • The view down.
  • Lovelovelove it!
  • It was such a nice day.
  • View down.

They are cutting 235 hours / week at work, which are 3.5 delivery areas. I think I wont be cut, because I have an average of 19 packages per day, which just might save me. Hopefully.

Britains Got Talent started last weekend, looooved some acts! (videos later)

Off for now. I need more tea and am barely awake. 😀 Have a very good week everyone and enjoy life, no matter the circmustances! Lots of love and hugs! ➡ ➡ ➡

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  1. Reply to this comment
    7:23 pm on April 19th, 2015

    I never tire of your photos Connie!!!!…& Emma! Happy Spring & Happy Swimming to you!!!!

    NYC is finally thawing out & some things are starting to bloom…makes all the difference in my mental world! Enjoy those Easter treats! I’m all chocolated-out myself! ;-D

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