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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1415 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Time Management Is So Hard

Just so you get an idea what I am looking at right now, when I am about to blog about my day, this:

I am looking into the Salzburger Adventsingen, because tomorrow is the last rehearsal and I have a ticket for it. I am so excited, I am sure it will be really nice and it can only help my Christmas Mood, that is gone of course with the summer weather that we are having! We still have wasps flying around, in December! (almost)

Today, my time management totally sucked. After my hospital appointement, I had planned to go swimming. so when I headed of for my appointement, I had my swimthingies already with me. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I started to realize, there is no way I can go swimming with Uni at 3pm. I was so bummed, I biked home and ate the rest of the birthday cake. Nevermind that I already had two pieces in the morning. Then I had planned to go up the city mountain again with Emma after Uni. Nope, when I biked home it was already pitchblack. So much for that. Another huge bummer. I had actually wanted to bake cookies today, too. This too will not happen anymore. After this entry I have to start translate something for Uni, which is due on Friday, another total time miscalculation on my part, AGAIN! Never enough hours in a day.

Hospital appointement went fairly ok. I went there with no expectations – which is the way to go! Doctor saw that skin isnt good and he didnt say how good my skin is. That is what usually happens. There is just nothing we can add to the therapy that I am already having. Immunsuppressant will happen longterm – I am already on them for 4 years, usually you take them for 6 months – until Biologics that are in trials right now, become available, like Dupilumab. Not too high hopes for that, apparently it clears about 40% of ekzema he said. WHAT??????????? That is not enough!

I then biked to Uni and got there way early. A Uniprofessor ran into me, he was so nice to stop, shake hands and ask how I am. So nice! Really.

Work again tomorrow. Its never good to go back to work in the middle of the week, but what shalls. I will manage, it just will take so much longer. I am really busy tomorrow, expect tomorrows entry late. Until then be safe everyone in this totally hectic and unpersonal world! Until tomorrow!

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    12:56 am on November 25th, 2016

    Wenn ich meine Tage so vollpacken würde, käme ich auch nirgendwo hin (nicht zu erwähnen, dass ich grundsätzlich auch schlecht bin in Time Management) – das würde mich viel zu sehr stressen.

    Ich weigere mich auch dieses Jahr in den Weihnachtsmodus zu kommen – zum Glück brauche ich wie immer nur 2 Geschenke und weiss es schon, ich müsste sie nur besorgen (Büchergutscheine für Mama von Schwester und mir, Kalender für Schwester). Wenn die nicht so auspackgeil wären, gäbe es nicht – der beste Ehemann von allen und ich schenken uns nie was – wir sind uns Geschenk genug – wirklich und ironisch gemeint *hrhrhr*

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