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-1366 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Religion versus Science

Love being on a Sunday and knowing nope, tomorrow I am not going back to work. NICE. Plus, my skin is pretty OK. I can actually enjoy being on vacation, whereas my summer vacation was one big fiasco. I am still fighting with my Asthma, but I hope I will be OK in the end.

The new Dan Brown book Origin has totaly sucked me in. It is so good. Especially, as it covers a lot of topics that we are dealing with at Uni. And in case you are wondering: “when will she ever be done with Uni?!, I guess the answer is: NEVER. And that is fine. Practically, right in the beginning you get to see a lecture by Robert Langdon, who is an expert when it comes to decipher codes and the meaning of them, plus along lots of other things. He goes on to explain how people back in the days, were scared to death by so many things that were discovered and not having an explanation for them. So they created the Gods, whatever they might be called in different religions or cultures, that would be from then on be responsible for pretty much everything. For the sky, for the sea, the air, nature, love and so on. As science took over more and more, more of the Gods had to disappear, because there was no longer use for them. We now know why the sun rises, or flowers grow, or gras grows. With not being dependent on Gods, religion is losing its power on people. All the myths that were necessary until the 1800 I would say, and earlier (Baghdad!), are now not important, we have all the explanations we could need.

To start of a book like that hooks me, of course. Because that is the place that I am in. I feel the more you know, the less I am able to believe in anything BUT science. I do admire the people that can so firmly grip onto religion even though they come from an academic background. I really cant wait to find out how Dan Brown is going to finish this book of. Its, again, researched most excellent. Everything I read so far, is exactly what the lecturer at Uni said as well. Love it!

Crazy Emma is sleeping, while I am experiencing all of this:

Must read on now. Please excuse me until tomorrow, where I will be back for day 20 of this years NaBloPoMo. Bye!

3 Responses to “Religion versus Science”

  1. Reply to this comment
    5:14 am on November 21st, 2017

    Geez Connie – so glad your blog is back…hadn’t checked in a while cause it was offline for so long (or was it me?!)…now I will catch up on all your recent posts! So glad to see you & EMMA too!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope all of your birthday wishes & dreams come true. :kuchen: 😁🎊🎁🎈🎼🎶

  2. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    7:09 pm on November 21st, 2017

    @Lucy: Thank you so much Lucy for the birthday wishes, you really never forget! My blog had some errors that I thought I couldnt tackle so I didnt even try after failing once. Then I tried again many months later and had it fixed in seconds! Lesson learned: never quit. :O How are you Lucy, what have you been up to? Good to know that you are ok after that crazy terror attack! :hugblinkie:

  3. Reply to this comment
    5:10 am on November 22nd, 2017

    @Connie: Same Birthday as one of my nieces – so easy to remember! I hope you are having the best day! Nope, never quit!

    You would do well in NYC with that attitude. The Halloween attack was shocking & tragic but the city rallied immediately. I can’t describe the sadness for the people (mostly tourists) who died but new street barriers were put up the next day & we are always on HIGH ALERT. There will be extra security for our Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday.

    This has been a very dark year for the USA. It’s like living in “THE UPSIDE DOWN” (if you watch “Stranger Things”?) Everything is a political nightmare with no end in sight. I have marched & signed petitions to keep our rights in place but every day brings new challenges. We RESIST!!!! It’s exhausting.

    Otherwise…life goes on as you know. I’m glad you’re back! I wish you well with all the medical stuff & the work stuff….but keep reading & BAKING & posting pics of Emma & all will be well with the world!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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