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1913: Der Sommer des

by Florian Illies

20 days until until my very needed vacation! oh no

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me section back up
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The me section is back up after a 2 month hiatus. *cough* I have been very creativ and am reusing the old layout. ;-) I have also installed a shoutbox there, so cool! Go and look yourself. The content is going to grow and one page is still under construction. But the rest is up. *proud* I have added a new link button and about a billion domains in the link section. More later. *wink*

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2 Responses to “me section back up”

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    3:33 am on February 13th, 2002

    Ooh, so much more stuff to look out & all so good. So I take it you got over your creativity block? See it comes & go= so strange. B2= are you updating to version 6? I downloaded everything, configured the necessaty files but haven’t uploaded it as i don’t trust myself! Too scared that something will go wrong. Tell me how it goes when you do it & if all is OK I’ll beg you to do it for me too ^_^ (Hehe, I just noticed your little turtle on your cam pic- how cute ^_^)

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    12:55 pm on December 31st, 2004

    wee..finally, I’ll be able to see Connie’s personal site- YIPPIE!!! I’m dashing 2 see it now!!!

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