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November 3rd In Detail

This is a usual day. Pretty much every day looks like this:

Woke up around midnight, scratched my legs open being semi asleep. Bandaged legs and went back to bed. Got up at 4.00 am, spent 30 minutes treating legs (I really shouldnt scratch them anymore). Made tea, fed bunnies, played with doggie and went to pee with her, brushed teeth and went to work.

Sorted in mail, counted mail (so unnecessary), packed everything up, biked out to my current area at around 7.15 am. It was dangerously foggy! Delivered mail as fast as I could. Shortly after 10.00 am (that was very fast) speeded back, did everything necessary, but had no time to change clothes anymore, who cares. Again speed biked to Uni at 10.45 am, in my postal uniform, and had 3 hours of linguistics. TEDIOUS! We learned the IPA signs and how to transcribe words and sentences. Boring, fighted falling asleep.

Break of about 40 minutes. Wrote short messages to friend sitting in another lecture that I would pass by her lecture hall to see if I could hear her snoring! Another lecture at 2.10 pm. Finally done at 3.00 pm, was supposed to copy some things, too tired. Biked home instead. Scratched my legs open and played some computer before having lunch/dinner at around 4.30 pm.

Searched for my Latin books and found them, yay! Went to room, watched some House and drank tea. Scratched my arms some, and of course did more damage to legs. Not long and I will have reached the bone!

Promised my brother to roast some chestnuts for him when he got home from Uni, but he got home late and I am too tired. He is a big boy, he can do it! 😉

At 7.50 pm I am sitting in bed after rebandaging my legs, posting before trying to get some studying done. I am already a bit behind in everything really.

Not a bad day really. On to the next one…

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3 Responses to “November 3rd In Detail”

  1. Reply to this comment
    11:03 pm on November 3rd, 2008

    Evening Connie!

    I hope you are well.

    Ack 🙁 The itches sound maddening.

    What are IPA signs?

    Where are you in House? Season 5 is so good so far. I am currently watching Spooks, an English drama about Mi5 agents.

    So tired…did some recording of me playing the flute, quite hideous really.

  2. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    8:18 pm on November 4th, 2008

    Hey Nicki!
    IPA Signs are the International Phonetic Language signs, read more about them here. I am sure your recording is everything but hideos! Did you put them online? 🙂 The new season of House is interesting! I cant believe the last episode with Cuddys almost baby, yikes! broke my heart! Inbetween I am watching season 1 again.
    I am going to bed now, so tired!
    Lots of hugs for you Nicki!

  3. Reply to this comment
    11:35 am on November 5th, 2008

    No, not put them online. I’ll email you one if you want to hear. I know!!! I couldn’t believe it when the mother was telling C that she couldn’t give it away! Gosh, season 1 seems ages ago, I don’t even know whether I could remember it.

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