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-1366 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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December 1st, 2013

So very busy. 😮 Hence the lack of post last week. Shame, really.

It was my birthday! And two days off. Went as hellishly quickly as possible. I was a bit blue on my so called special day. Missed everyone lost horribly. Its days like these that are the hardest to get through. Sometimes I am ok and sometimes it just hurts and hurts and hurts. I have since realized, that I am putting Silvia as a shield over the things that I REALLY miss. Doesnt make it any easier though. I tried to make the absolute best of it anyway. We did everything that I wanted. 🙂

We had incredible yummy food. We went to get breakfast from McDonalds and dinner from our favourite Chinese restaurant. Special. 😛

I finished the Jo Nesbo book Police, which I can totally recommend, absolute best Harry Hole book ever! Of course I baked a birthday cake, too, an After Eight Cake, needless to say that now I am on a diet. But so good!

We went to get Christmas Decoration:

And I got myself this, looooooooooooooove, absolute most favourite decoration of all times:

I went to our Christkindl Markt to get our Adventkranz for this year, we had prettier ones before, but I was so unmotivated, I have to confess, hmm:

I got very special birthday cards and we roasted Chestnuts:

Back to work on Monday, and there was so much mail and parcels! I guess this will go on until past Christmas now. It is mad. As if this wasnt enough, we had trainings and a visit from the director of the Austrian Postal service. Very long working days. Not nice. I swear, some people dont leave their house at all for Christmas shopping, but order every single thing online. Sigh.

I went to the hospital on Monday. Skin is quite ok. They are sending me to the lung outpatient clinic now, to go for a council because of a possible Xolair treatment. Huh? I also had a therapy session. Therapist was so nice! She cave me 10 Euros back of her fee so I could get myself a new Advent Calender, as brother wrecked ours throwing something on them. So lovely!

Tuesday, we had a Middle High German presentation. It went horrible. I got there 30 minutes lates, because of work. The girl beside me, read everything from my preparation sheet, things that I had written down for myself that I wanted to say. So once it was my turn, there was nothing left for me that I could present. I wanted to kill her, seriously! There is so much to do for Uni, way more than I can manage. Wednesday, I wanted a book back that I had borrowed from the Uni library, that I had lent to someone, because she needed it for her preparation. Of course she didnt have it with her, bad luck that I have to return it this coming week and I havent even looked at it myself. I couldnt believe it! Hate these girls at Uni, for being idiots and horribly selfish!

Friday, the official representation of employees came to the distribution center because of coming up elections. As my therapist told me that disability benefits have nothing to do with a work contract at all, I talked to them and apparently, the postal service couldnt give me benefits before, because I was a so called jumper. But now that I have my own delivery area, they will consider it, once the next delivery area adjustment will happen. Huh? Sounds like excuses and more excuses and in the end, they will have forgotten it again. Idiots everywhere!

Yesterday I went to the Christkindl Markt again with Luise. Havent seen her in 10 months. We want more contact again, now that litte Eugen is a bit bigger. There were so many people though, I dont think I have ever seen as many people there before. Horrible. I will go back during the week to get some things, there are considerable less people then. Yesterday though: hellish.

Favourite Emma shot of the week:

Today, it is the first Advent. I have a special Tea Adventcalender this year:

I didnt bake any cookies yet, days are just not long enough! Let alone Christmas Shopping. Hopefully next week. I want books, books and more books. 😀 Christmas money from people in my delivery area has started to come in. Loooove. I got special Christmas Cards for them this year. Photo once I got them. They were not that cheap, but I hat the ones we get from work. People in my delivery area. This will be its own blog post at some point.

Later we are invited over to cousins for lunch. Yum yum. I have so much to do. Sigh.

Have a brilliant first December everyone. Get in the mood! Lots of love. <3

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    5:16 am on December 3rd, 2013

    I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at your birthday cake!!!

    Idiots abound here too! You are not alone. Have a great week & I hope you get everything done…I’m just making my Christmas lists…so much to do, indeed!

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