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Holiday 2016 – week 4

My annual weeks of joy are over. And I could cry! Going back to work is getting harder and harder and harder. But what is the alternative? There is none. I cant believe how fast it has passed this year, not even funny. It is as it is.

I usually take use of my time of work to do all the things at home that I am not doing during the year, which is plenty enough. Like cleaning the windows, decluttering and so on. And this year I have done none of it, as goes for Uni work , because the weather has been so nice! This is though, why as a last minute rescue I started to paint the walls, as already said. The livingroom walls and I think they turned out fantastic! I loce it so much, it was totally worth the effort. Nucala must help obviously because the smell of the paint didnt bother me the slightest, a miracle.

And this was already all I did. Not even close to enough. SIGH!

After being closed for massive cleaning for two weeks, the indoor-trainings-pool opened again. How much I love swimming I cant even say! It does me so much good! And I took use of it. It was brilliant and I highly enjoyed it.

With Eva I went to the cinema to watch the Oscar nominated German movie Toni Erdmann. What an intense three hour movie! I lovehated it. It was so sad, so brilliant, so shocking and so good. Not like any movie I have ever seen and very deserved nominated to win the Oscar next year. The movie has the best chances! I have also learned on that evening, that people like that I listed to them for hours nonestop, but they have little interest in what I have to say. I try not to think about it too much, but it makes me sad.

The last couple of days were pretty much always the same. Very slow mornings, going swimming, taking Emma for lovely walks, painting parts of the wall, reading and going to sleep. Over and over again. Thats what I enjoy , but I feel now that I should have maybe taken a trip or something, but oh well.

I did treat myself with a ton of books towards the end. I hate how Amazon forces you to become a Prime Member. My book delivery took over a week, because obviously I am not joining Prime. How rude! I got the books on my last day of vacation. Argh!

I finished another book All The Light We Cannot See , I really enjoyed it. I wouldnt say that it is anything new, but the story is lovely told and I am sure there were situations like described in the book, that German soldiers kept quiet about certain things to save someone that would have surely be deported and alike. Very enjoyable.

I am not three weeks into my Mares Milk experience and all of a sudden I have massive stomach problems. It is nothing that I like. Either I cannot tolerate the milk, or I have an ulcer or I now have a sensitive stomach. I hope I cannot tolerate the milk, because I only have a week to go. 🙂 I already have a lot to say about the experiment, but I probably should wait until my trial phase is over. I am very sure I that I can never look at a horse in the same way.

So this was my main vacation of the year. No superfun REHA experiences this year, no Inline Skating accident, just a regular time off work. I should have used the time more wisely. I always wanted to plan things ahead of time and I never got around to do it. Lesson learned. I definitely need to do something next time that is out of what I normally do. I did enjoy it though, but I cant believe its over. Shame shame shame.

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    10:37 pm on September 17th, 2016


    Good luck with last week of mare’s milk. Enjoy READING!!!!

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    2:27 pm on September 20th, 2016

    @Lucy: Thank you Lucy! http://turtelina.net/dailylife/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/hug1.gif

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