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The Tigers Come At Night

tallI traded my Saturday work shift with someone, I AM SO GLAD! I can sleep in both Saturday and Sunday, oh that luxury! *bounces* Getting up is so totally not easy these last few weeks, but then I suppose its not easy getting up at 6.00 am either. Those dark days are evil. 😥 Are we approaching the shortest day yet? HOPEFULLY!

How do you like photo number 6 / 26: TALL. I love tall trees, they have seen so much… like I always say about Nikki… if they could talk, what would they tell?

The new book that I am reading Stardust, is actually not that easy to read in English. Is Neil Gaimans English a bit “unique”? Anyone read any books by him? I just loved Coraline A LOT, especially the audiobook which is read by himself, is really good too. Not so sure about Stardust though….

I actually never do that. But today I put my Ipod in my breast-pocket of my postal Tshirt, put in the earphones, turned on the music and I didnt turn off until I returned to the post office. That was really nice. This will be repeated tomorrow. The only disadvantage is that I dont hear what people are saying to me. 😳 A slight problem. Some songs just make me happy, like:

  • Home from The Wizard Of Oz….
    …. suddenly the snowflakes that fall have a meaning …
  • I Have A Dream from Les Miserable ….
    … there are dreams that cannot be …
  • I also really love this totally ingenious duet from Glee with Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison: (speaking of Glee, this season is not good, is it)

    The day is again too long and I am going to bed now. Sleep well everybody!

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    1. Reply to this comment
      9:16 pm on November 12th, 2010

      Ich gönne dir das WE von ganzem Herzen.

      Ich habe die ganze Woche mit Tabletten so schlecht geschlafen, dass ich sehr neben mir stehe – ich hätte soviele Museen, die ich besichtigen möchte und habe mir extra den Museums-Pass gekauft (teilweise verbilligter, teilweise Gratis-Eintritt) und nun tu ich nichts *grml*
      Bewerben mag ich mich auch nicht, dabei wäre heute ein Job, der mir Spass machen würde ausgeschrieben gewesen – die Angst nur wieder als überqualifziert abgelehnt zu werden überwiegt – ganz schlecht.

      Trotzdem werde ich morgen mit dem Kaiser an die Ü25 gehen – der geht so gerne mit mir weg und ich will da hin 😉

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