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Post-Christmas, Pre-Yew Year

Turtle TreeI hope you all had a few good days this past Christmas weekend! :mrgreen: That you had everything that you wished for! Brother and I had a very nice, laid-back, relaxing (rather absolutely lazy!) weekend. It was fantastic! Lots of reading, a LOTR thriathlon, food that we normally dont buy for ourselves, a very nice Christmas tree… given the circumstances, it couldnt have been more brilliant! Now that I am older, I realize I can have a very nice Christmas even without presents. Other than the ones I bought for myself of course, like this huge Plush Turtle. *love it* Its one of the John Lennon children series.

Having said that, I got loads of money from the people in my current mail area. I can now say, that once the new Ipad is released, I can buy it. 😮 I cannot wait! I also got candy, cookies and alike. It was really nice! On the photo are only the things that I got on the 24th, I got lots more all through December!

December came and went so fast, I dont even remember what I missed to tell. There were MASSES of snow. It was a true winter nightmare and I am very sure that it is far from over. Also I had to sadly realize that my sweet, little SMART is NOT a winter car, it is way too light to make it through the snow and more than once I got stuck and had to dig the wheels out, not funny.

Turtle Production is back in business! ➡ I crocheted two turtles so far, for my doctor and the nurse at the skin outpatient clinic as a Christmas Present and I can say they were absolutely delighted! I loved it! I gave away so many turtles here to friends and I cant remember one person ever reacting like that. Lots more are in works, I have so many new ideas to make them special. *huggles them*

Crochet Turtle Christmas Presents
After I am going to come home from REHA, I will go back to try more experimental treatment to get this stupid ekzema under control. There are really only 2 optiones left and we are going to try the risk free first, Immune-Apheresis, most likely.

And now I am going to lay myself under the Christmas tree. So lovely to watch all the lights from below! Oh, and in case you wondered, the birds still havent found the bird house I put out a month ago. 😈

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5 Responses to “Post-Christmas, Pre-Yew Year”

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    4:41 pm on December 27th, 2010

    Xmas is what you have in your heart – not the tree or the presents – I had no feeling this year – not even listened to my favourite english carols – but it’s ok – the Yul on 21 was great – even we only talked and had no ritual.

    We too were very lazy – Saturday night we went for a drink with Sis – yesterday we played Trivial Pursuit Disney edition and knew NOTHING 😉

    Later we ordered Pizza (which longs for 2 more days for me *yummy*) and watched Sherlock Holmes and Stepfather.

    Put some weight in the back of the car – sandbags or something like this – people do this here when they have cars with rear wheel drive (BMW, Mercedes f.e.). I don’t know if it works for a Smart as it’s such a small car but maybe…

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    7:40 am on December 28th, 2010

    Perhaps birds (they are so particular!) will set up house in the spring?!
    Enjoy the lights!!!

  3. Reply to this comment
    10:58 am on December 28th, 2010

    So lovely to hear the positivity in this post 🙂 I am glad that you had a relaxing Christmas: I agree, you definitely don’t need presents. Did you get my card?

    When is the iPad released in Austria?

    Aw, I can imagine the Smart car struggling through the snow.

    Your turtles are so pretty. Mine is still on my dresser! 💡

  4. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    12:11 pm on January 1st, 2011

    @Anu: Das mit den Sandsäcken ist eine geniale Idee! Danke, schmatz!

    @Nicki: Ashamed as I am because I havent sent out one single card… I looked for turtle christmas cards and couldnt find any for a reasonable price then dropped the idea all together and before I knew it, Christmas was over. I am sorry, I am absolutely rubbish with cards and dates, I hardly ever manage! You are so much more organized then I am. But I promise a card from Israel! Maybe more than one, because I will be there for so long! *HUGS* Ipad is out since months, I am waiting for the second version because I really hope that they will have fixed some of the more major bugs till then! xxx

  5. Reply to this comment
    1:11 am on January 2nd, 2011

    Don’t worry Connie 🙂

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