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Advent, 3 Kerzerl brennt are lit

So very busy 🙁 and so much to do for Uni. I should be writing plenty of literature essays, which are way overdue. Instead I have to work on a presentation for Wednesday, Apes In literature instead of what I want to do, write Christmas cards, bake cookies, sew presents… but what I am really doing these days, is working. 50 hours+? My fear of failing at Uni, is imminent and strong. Only a couple of days to go, then Uni is off for the holidays, if only it was then already. I am trying. Cant do more than that.

My appointement at the lung-outpatient-clinic was as expected. I hated to be there. Hospital setting once again, the waiting, ewww. And it came as I expected. Of course no Xolair for me. For a person with my weight, the highest IgE that is allowed, is 600 maximum. *hysteric fit of laughter* Mine is around 9000 right now. 😯 Despite being told that I am a very rare species, with my allergy counts blablablub. Rare case and no other patients like me. Thank you for the moral boost.

Thursday I got my hair cut, yay! All short again. I cant tolerate hair on my skin, the shorter the better. 😀 Friday I got spoiled by people in my delivery are. Lots of money and sweets! <3

Emma is spoiled rotten. Incredible. This is what she is doing while I work on presentation…

Saturday it was the annual Postal Christmas Party. It was quite nice for a change. Sat with nice people, but of course some just drank way too much, and as alcohol does, one got terribly aggressive. And I got to listen to him rant, all of it. You dont even want to know. Incredibly how these people find me. Either its my brother, or its someone from work. Interesting which people I attract.

We are two distribution centers in the city, and the other one always has their Christmas Party with us. Of course the girls from there didnt have anything better to do than stare at me. Good Lord. I havent felt that ashamed about myself in a long time. I still enjoyed it, and these women need to do some growing up and sort out their priorities. Plus I was asked if I could help a daughter from someone with her German. I have absolutely no time for anything. But as I cannot say no… 🙁

Of course I delivered newspapers in the early morning hours, Emma got to come with me again.

Today we made lots of cookie doughs, which are in the fridge until I have time to make the cookies. Brother almost ate all of the one sort that I baked today in one go, and Emma is sleeping for all of us it seems, I hate having absolutely no time for myself :(:

I am so looking forward to Christmas. We have our tree… 😀 After Wednesday is over, the Christmas preparation can begin. Weheeee! Soooooo excited. I cant wait to get the tree all ready, everything cooked and baked, all gifts and cards sent out and made and then on the 24th, collapsing under the tree and enjoying it all. I so much hope brother will be in an OK mood and not wreck it with his aggressive outbursts, which are getting worse and worse. 🙁 BUT so looking forward to it! And Saturday I am meeting up with Eva. I just cannot wait for Wednesday to be over. Not to forget that I have to present on Tuesday too. Sigh.

Not long. Enjoy you all!

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    7:55 am on December 16th, 2013

    Good luck with your presentation…then have fun with your tree! Emma looks like the most relaxed dog on the planet!!!! ;-D

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