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The Week Of Spending Money

This was the week of spending bucket loads of money. 😯 Not that I dont enjoy going shopping… 😳

On Monday blew such a terribly cold wind all morning, that once I got home I told my brother we need to go and buy some warm underwear clothes for me. And so we did. Of course we ended up buying more than just warm clothes ;). Warm clothes are brilliant, no more freezing.

On Tuesday we drove out to the Ikea-alike stores again to get some more Christmas supplies. I just loooooove Christmas decorations. I am so happy that I am at the point where I enjoy the season again, took long enough. 😥 People dont know what they have. In all honesty.

Wednesday passed with an eyeblink. Since on Thursday was Nikolaus day, I prepared a little something for my brother and I, to improve our moods. Photo.

On Thursday winter arrived. Accompanied by masses of mail and ads. The workday was a nightmare. And what do you do when there is so much mail and ads and you have snow blowing in your face? You smile, because life is rediculous. I call it the laughter of complete madness. But it works and somehow I got through the day in a good mood. Which is a miracle if you look at this. So much fun! NOT People still dont realize what a bloody exhausting job delivering mail is:

Not only I was shocked by all that snow that we got over a couple of hourse, the swans and gooses didnt look too excited either…

Emma of course loves it. Its her first REAL snow, the sink in and drown in it snow. She loves it. What else.

My brother and I also finally bought a dishwasher. We are without one since over 1 1/2 years. But dishwashers are expensive, so we were never able to buy a new one. Thanks to our Christmas money, we bought one, and we are dead excited!!!! You have no idea! ❗ We get it on Tuesday. 😛 Horray!

Friday is always a complete nightmare. Because I have four hours of Latin in one go until 8 pm. Not nice.

Saturday our shopping spree continued. We got some gadgets :), some baking supplies and Christmas gifts for Emma.

The Santa toy is hillarious. It sings Santa Clause Is Coming To Town when she chews on it.

And of course the baking Christmas Cookies marathon continues.

My skin is still bad, no surprises there. Will be good once Tuesday comes around when I have my checkup at the clinic. So glad to have checkups again! Really. Before, I am going to the Christkindlmarkt with Silke and her little girl. On Thursday I am going to the theatre to see Sound Of Music. Its was such a success last year, that they are playing it again this year. And I finally got tickets, weheeee!

Keeping my head up high. Even though its far from being easy. What shalls and this too shall pass. Happy second Advent!

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    7:14 am on December 11th, 2012

    Good luck with the check up. Oh, how I would love a dishwasher (not allowed in most NYC apts!)…makes cooking & baking so much more fun to know you don’t have to wash so much!

    Enjoy Sound of Music! I downloaded *Cloud Atlas* & am about a quarter way through….DEFINITELY glad I saw the movie 1st….but I’m having so much fun catching all the interconnections/clues between the stories now in the book.

    Emma in snow!!! CUTE!

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