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The Ghosts Of Christmas

Since I have a little bit of spare time right now, no Uni anymore today – it seems wrong even typing the word – I thought I better check in now, since tomorrow the Christmas preparations begin. After working of course, because at some point this week the chefs had the absolutely brilliant idea, that we could / should deliver mail tomorrow. Austria never delivers mail on a Saturday, there are masses of mail coming apparently and it would be too much to deliver it all on Monday. Bummer that I have to deliver the newspapers first. 😎 hysteric fit of laughter

Where did we leave off… with Christmas preparations. 😳 Lots and lots of work, cooking and baking… speaking of baking, the Christmas Cookies are done! Were done. Lots were given away, too many were eaten…

… putting up the Christmas tree, keeping our traditions alive. But at a point all the stress is over and we get to enjoy it. The point where we collapse under the Christmas tree, rub our tummies and off we dose. Love it! I hope we can put up the tree tomorrow, decorate it on Sunday, and then Monday after work we are going to eat the traditional Wuerstelsuppe and no more work after that. It is going to pass way too fast once again, as always. Since there is no family left, no big family get together here. This is what the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is predicting as of now.

What did we see with the Ghost of Christmas Past? Well, it was utterly exciting – Not! On Sunday we spent 7 hours at my cousins. Insane how fast time flies when we are with them. My cousins got new toys for Christmas, a new I-Pad and a Google phone: brilliant! My Ipad 2 is really good, but there is a huge difference to the 4th generation. I didnt think that this was at all possible, Apple really outdid themselves. The Retina display is absolutely insane. The Google Phone is quite nice, as well. Of course my one cousin, who lost like 150 pounds in one year, cooked up a fabulous dinner. Thats what you do when you are starving, cook up for others. It was so good!

Monday I met with a friend to exchange Christmas gifts. It was hillarious, I gave her cookies and she gave me cookies. 😉 As most of the time, I had Hot Chocolate, for the nerves.

On Tuesday I had yet another appointment at the psychosomatic outpatient clinic. I have talked to them all before. 😉 I think we had a good talk. She told me what I need to do to get over this absolutely dreadful emotional dependency thing. 🙄 I did like when she said even the strongest tumble at times. So on Thursday I will drop by at the dermatology outpatient clinic and on Friday I am going to be brave and make a trip to the psychiatric outpatient clinic. A lot of good people are struggling these days. Massive hugs!

And of course my world kept on spinning this week. As my blood is so wrecked, by brother went to our family practitioner to get me a prescription for Kalium. I think my rotten electrolytes might have to do with it. And of course the skin is far from being at the point where I can tolerate it. Fought against it terribly hard. Eva suggested signing myself in. Ended up taking steroids. 😯 Just to get through the holidays and then telling this stupid doctor who is (not) treating me, that it is his duty to help me and hope for the best. And hoping that I wont catch any bugs, because I now have probably killed my immune system for good. DONT SNEEZE OR COUGH AT ME! The Ghost of Christmas Present is not too happy.

I was spoiled work wise this week. Probably to make up for the fact, that I have to deliver mail in the huge shopping mall on the 24th. 😮 That was nice, not having to do a complete area but only part of it, lovely. That of course didnt stop the postal car from not working. I drove to the first letterbox and suddenly I had the complete gear shift in my hand. That is a standby car that is used by lots of people who are not taking care of it obviously. Had to wait for an hour to get a different car. I hate dead time!

Emma gets spoiled rotten this Christmas. She got a new bed, new food and water bowls, something to eat… photos when she gets it. I also watched Cloud Atlas the movie to help me with the book. The movie is definitely a lot more structured than the book is! I also applied for the Psorisol Clinic.

So glad to leave this absolutely awful year behind me. Not too long. ➡

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    7:22 am on December 22nd, 2012

    Merry Christmas Connie & spoiled-Emma!

    I finished Cloud book & now want to re-watch the movie! I liked the way the filmmakers consolidated characters & structured the situations for dramatic purposes…but I loved the book for the insights into the characters hearts, minds & philosophies.

    Enjoy your cookies! ;-D

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