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Awaiting Easter 2015

As Easter is almost upon us Easter Egg, it is time to write another blog entry. Easter Egg Smiley

The best thing that has happened in the last few weeks was probably that I started swimtraining at the Uni-Sports-Center. It is only once a week but I am enjoying it a lot! I am always one of the fastest people in the course. 😉 Looooove it! What should be repeated: a good thing happened to me and I made it happen. Lesson learned: dont wait for good things to happen by themselves.

I am trying to get more active as people in my delivery keep passing away (one death has hit me particularly hard!) 🙁 and I am reminded over and over again how short a life-span really is and that it can be over at any time at any age! I know I keep saying it, but I really want you all to live NOW! I spent a good deal of a whole month thinking about death and dying and when people are gone, they are gone. Not that I wouldnt have known that already… 😉 Life itself is the gift. Everything else is a bonus.

The passing of Mr. Spock was sad as well, I wore my spock socks all weekend in honor of him! And we had a comeback of winter big time! CRAZY! Freezing My Butt Off I loved the solar ecilpse of course, a photo of the sun shortly before the moon went before it! It is amazing when we can see from earth a tiny bit of what goes on above us!

Favourite performances of American Idol XIV so far (I absolutely cannot wait for Britains Got Talent!):

I took an exam at Uni last week. So proud of myself! Circumstances are bad but I did it! Very happy. Up next are papers. I am send on vacation soon (I have too many vacation days and they are about to expire), I will write papers then. Uni is good for me and I need it. Cant imagine how the people are happy that only have work!

I had checkups at the dermatology clinic. Nothing new. We are waiting for Dupilumab to be available. There is nothing else anymore. Professor said my skin is somewhat stable, but with chronic skin inflammation. Heh? Appointement at pulmonologist wasnt all too pretty. Reality check. Not happy and somewhat panicky. He said to exersize as much as possible to increase lung volume! I absolutely must do this.

Not too much else. Problems at work, insane (unspeakable!) problems with brother, and and and. Most of the time I am way too tired to deal with any of it. I am putting up flowers Sunflower again infront of the house, not everybody has to know of the madness within:

And then of course more Easter Decoration:

I will try to blog more often now that spring is here and nature is getting all pretty so I can take more photos! Camera Take care everyone, I will be back soon. Lots of love!

2 Responses to “Awaiting Easter 2015”

  1. Reply to this comment
    7:25 pm on March 29th, 2015

    Woohoo! Happy Easter to you Connie..it’s coming up so fast as winter isn’t hardly done with us here in NYC. But I’m ready for spring & Easter Bunnies! Does Emma have bunny ears to wear? ;-D

    And Happy Swimming to you! All the best!

  2. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    6:05 pm on April 8th, 2015

    @Lucy: Happy belated Easter to you too Lucy, I hope you had a good weekend with tons of chocolate! Spring cant be far away, we just need to get past April and we are set. 😀 I dont think Emma would appreciate bunny ears, shame.

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