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Vacation 2015: Week 1 – Sick Leave

In the middle of my last week of work, it was another heat wave and so hot (!), I talked to a lovely lady while emptying the letterbox in my delivery area. She wore a scarf and I asked her if she was sick. Very lengthy she told me that she had herpes on her neck , and she was warned to be careful that it wouldnt turn into a herpes zoster: practically the shingles virus reactivating itself in its other form. That day when I got home from work, in the middle of lunch, “things” popped out of my leg. Eczema again I thought, great.

The next day those thingies had blistered. Can you believe it?!? I didnt think too much of it and went to work. I have a gp in my delivery area. As it was so hot, I was wearing shorts and those thingies were very clearly visible. I went into the practice with the mail, as always, and I noticed the doctors assistant staring at it. Great I thought, then it must be herpes for sure. Just my luck really!

Still didnt think too much of it and went to work on Friday as well. Were they barely visible on Wednesday, on Friday evening they were much bigger and the night to Saturday was awful, didnt sleep one bit because of the pain. I had lots of time to think what to do next. Could I wait until Monday? Should I go to a weekend gp practice or to the hospital?

In the end I went to the clinic where I am treated for my eczema. As I am on immunsuppressants as well, I didnt want to risk waiting for Monday. Being the chefs patient has its advantages. Didnt have to wait at all, even though there were plenty of people there. Doctor looked at it, got another doctor to look at it, and yes. Thank you lovely lady from my delivery area: I had caught herpes zoster. Hip hip hooray.

It ended up being a 9 day hospital stay, with dozens of IV bottles: painkillers, Zovirax… my veines are wrecked and towards the end those IVs were a pure nightmare, for the nurses and for me. I survived it all. I had good roommates, again, we laughed so much! Nurses were all very ok as well.

And this ended up being my first week of vacation, which turned into a sickleave. Thats not how I had imagined it AT ALL!

Here are impressions of my stay. Be forwarned of a couple – not too many – graphic photos.

  • Friday evening I did start to get a little worried.
  • Herpes Zoster the beginning.
  • Four days later it had developed into full blown zoster.
  • The view from my bed.
  • First pain killer, one of many. Nerv pain is awful!
  • Not too exciting, boring as hell. Thank God for thick books!
  • So many bottles followed...
  • Stripy socks on tour.
  • Kindling during the first sleepless night.
  • Company.
  • This was 3 days after admission. Lots and lots of new herpes spots. Thank you immune suppressants!
  • Very girly gift from my friend Eva.
  • Oh my, sooooo boring!
  • View out of window.
  • New striped socks.
  • In the meantime my tickets for Israel arrived. 🙂
  • Lalala.
  • Hmmm....
  • 1075 pages book. People were really impressed.
  • The grossest food I ever had in the hospital.
  • One bottle lasted for over 3 hours thanks to my wrecked veines.
  • More food....
  • Looks like plastic.
  • The end of my stay was nearing.
  • Hospital park.
  • Hospital park.
  • My new Alice in Wonderland bookmark. 🙂
  • My new Alice in Wonderland bookmark. 🙂
  • Lovely 93 year old roomate reading about "first love".
  • She was the most active os us all.
  • Chinese rolls...
  • Nice day.
  • Food.
  • More gross food.
  • Absolutely restless last night, with horrificly behaving new lady!
  • Goodbye room, I am out. 😀

It still isnt gone. I am not even sure I had any improvement since going home. It is still hurting too. Lets see how this turns out. I was told to rest at home until skin is back to normal… Shouldnt think too much about it, it all seems like a dream now anyway. But it does teach you not to look forward to things too much, because sometimes they turn out so much different than what you expect.

Stay tuned for vacation week 2 and 3 soon. 😀 Lots of love in the meantime, as always.

One Response to “Vacation 2015: Week 1 – Sick Leave”

  1. Reply to this comment
    9:55 pm on September 3rd, 2015

    Oh the fooking hell – I am so sorry but being on immunsuppressants surely isn’t a good thing (I have a friend who had a kidney transplant – same story he has to be incredibly careful on what he is around.

    Hope you can enjoy the rest and it doesn’t turns out as a “Gürtelrose” in the end and if it does, don’t hesitate to go to the gp cause it is important to treat it well from the beginning.

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