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Happy New Year 2009

The first day of a new year, yet another one! 2009! Yikes, I remember the millenium, and now its almost 10 years later!

Christmas came and went, New Year came and went… Bummer that its over now. I really did enjoy only having to work and not having to stress over to Uni right after. I slept, knitted and crocheted, watched lots of DVDs including a LOTR triathlon, it was totally brilliant! Despite the fact that I spent all of it all alone but thats how it is, unfortunately.

People in the mail area I am at right now were so generous, I got lots of Christmas money and presents, lots of candy!

I knitted socks for a friend with needle size 0, they took forever! After freezing my fingers off yesterday while biking to work, I decided to knit myself Bellas Mittens, arents they brilliant? First one is almost done. I also made Bookworms, so fun and fast to do.

Unfortunately, I failed all of the projects I joined last year. The last 3 months were too insane, I didnt read one single book! In the end, I read 26 books and 9585 pages (Reading List 2008) instead of 50 books and 15000 pages. Oh well. I will try it all again this year!

Lets hope for a good one!

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6 Responses to “Happy New Year 2009”

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    Kathrin GERMANY
    4:49 pm on January 1st, 2009

    Happy new year!

    ich bin grad noch sowas von müde und häng hier nur rum und schau auch dvds ohne ende 😉

  2. Reply to this comment
    6:00 pm on January 1st, 2009

    happy new year to you too!!

  3. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    8:07 pm on January 1st, 2009

    Hast Du auch recht, geniess Deine freien Tage, sind eh viel zu selten!

  4. Reply to this comment
    9:27 pm on January 1st, 2009

    Ebenfalls ein gutes neues Jahr – ich will gar nicht wissen, was da wieder alles lauert *seufz*

    Die Bücherwürmer sind ja putzig *lächel*

  5. Reply to this comment
    7:36 am on January 2nd, 2009

    Happy New Year Connie! I wish you nothing but good things in 2009 — & lots of time to read!!!

  6. Reply to this comment
    5:40 am on January 5th, 2009

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Connie! 😀

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