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Das Verschwinden des Josef

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The End Of The Rainbow

Today was mentally so exhausting, I am drained, a Zombie. I am definitely not good with getting too much input, or is it that darn thing with reality again… who knows. 👿

Befunde, RezepteI am so glad to say, that at todays appointment at the hospital, I got to say everything that has been bothering me on and off for way too long now, especially the last few days. The dcotor really took a lot of time to listen to it all and I thought that she didnt look that surprised… I still feel that grave errors like that should not happen and I am sure she feels the same way but left it unsaid… I got it out and I feel so much better in that aspect.

My skin is just another topic all in itself. Its basically not treatable. Nothing we ever did for it worked and we tried the biggest guns, multiple times, without much success other than a bunch of side effects. Dont even ask how that makes me feel, not good. There are two things left that we could too, but they are VERY experimental at that stage and we both decided against them for now. They scheduled an appointment for me at the insurance company already on Monday, where a doctor will decide if I can go to that special clinic or not, and that as soon as possible because this constant crap is incredibly bad for my nerves. of course I will do everything that they schedule me for a time where I am off Uni… if they approve… I added a photo to this paragraph of all the prescriptions, reports ect that I got today. This appointment drained me. Badly.

Schablonen WerkzeugWhen I got home from it all, I found a package with the utensils for my turtle stencils that I ordered last weekend. Its much better cutting knives with a cutting board, brushes and colour. And yes, I am spending too much money again. Sigh. Maybe I will make that a separate entry, with what I all bought recently… 😕 Too much. Nothing expensive, but plenty. Lots and lots of turtle thingies and one thing, that is beyond cool I think… More of that tomorrow. 😛

Guitar lesson was good! Even though I didnt practise all too much… NOT GOOD My teacher took a video of me performing on my Iphone, because he said that if I want to play a concert all by myself, being watched is a feeling I should get used too. 😯 Ewww. I cant look at me 😈 , so I deleated it pretty much as soon as I was out of the door.

Exhausted. 🙁

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    10:16 am on November 6th, 2010


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    Connie AUSTRIA
    10:29 am on November 6th, 2010

    @Fiona: Hugs back for you Fiona! ➡

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    4:05 pm on November 6th, 2010

    *feste drücke* – mist mit deiner Haut.

    Mir gehts auch grad ähnlich – ich war am DO Nachmittag einem Freund helfen und abends noch mit ihm und anderen Kollegen Essen – so war ich am FR schon kaum ansprechbar – bin jedoch abends trotzdem noch weg – heute musste ich alles absagen – ich kann nicht – bin völlig überanstrengt – ein deutliches Zeichen, dass ich noch nicht fit bin.

    Es könnte auch am heutigen Neumond liegen.

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    6:48 am on November 7th, 2010

    Oh, Connie, wishing you all the best for the special clinic…I’m glad at least you were able to tell the doctor what was weighing on your mind.

    Have fun with your turtle stencils. ::hugs::

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