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The Bad And The Ugly

Oh my. This week has not been good. You would think getting a spontaneous 3-days-vacation would make any week absolutely brilliant, far fetched.

After a marathon-writing-Uni-paper week last week, I felt an incredible amount of accomplishment. Of course it only lasted 2 1/2 days. I handed them in on Friday and I got one of them returned on Monday, already! Too many (spelling, grammar, content ???) mistakes, she wont even look at it, I have to look over it. This was a 15 second conversation, if at all. 😎 Needless to say, I felt like garbage, a complete loser, too stupid and what do I know, plus I really have no idea what kind of mistakes she meant, which doesnt make it any easier. Not very nice. 😡 I was so pissed that I wanted to throw the hole thing away, burn it, whatever!

Then I had my check-up at the clinic. I told my doctor, that I think we need to support Rituximab a little, because I have a staph aureus infection from head to toe, a week after taking antibiotics for a month. 😎 Out of the blue, she got really mad and said “I am saying what to do and thats what you need to be doing and if you dont do it its your own fault and it is never good to mix the medical with the private and she wont get sucked into it anymore and she is not happy and I am not happy, its better for us like this…” and blah blah blah. Totally mad! We do have a weird and unhealthy relationship. She telling me of a patient that she had that passed away at 16 with melanoma with which she obviously cant deal, neither can I by the way, with whom she had the same relationship that she has with me and me telling her of my oh so messed up life. Really not good, I know. I think I saw a mother-replacement in her and now that she told me “off” it feels like my Mom dying all over again. Very ugly and so not nice to live through. I emailed her and asked for an explanation which she didnt give me of course, but only replied that I shouldnt worry and think too much. 😯 I have another appointment next week. This will be interesting.

I did try to make the best of my short vacation. I re-discovered a very nice reading spot on one of our city mountains and thats where I spent the last couple of days. Soul searching, sun bathing, kindling and so on. That was nice! I think Salzburg is such a beautiful city, with beautiful mountains and so much culture.

Plus I had a really good breakfast with a friend in the sun. So lovely! (even though overshadowed by emotions)

So much is happening these days, I cant even blog it all. 😐 We did go to see La Traviata. Lots of known melodies, but I really couldnt get into the installation. Apparently, Verdi wanted La Traviata to be play in the modern world, but if he wanted it to be that modern… not sure.

We had a mass bunny dying! One bunny died and two followed. Our bathroom is so empty with only 5 bunnies left! 😈

I also did some Easter sewing but to that at another point.

As always, have a very good week everyone! ➡

3 Responses to “The Bad And The Ugly”

  1. Reply to this comment
    7:52 am on March 25th, 2012

    So sorry about the bad stuff Connie…(R.I.P. little bunnies)…so glad you can celebrate the good stuff. Wishing you a much better week ahead.

    What’s that on your Kindle? I see Manhattan, Coney Island, Bensonhurst…all a mere stone’s throw from me! ;-D

  2. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    8:57 am on March 25th, 2012

    Its a book by Luca Di Fulvio, It isnt available in English yet, just checked. Its about an italian Mom that imigrated to the Us with her son. Is Bensonhurst the irish part of New York? In the time the book “takes” place, New York is seperated into Jewish, Irish, and so on. Not that good though, but I am only a third into it.

    How are you Lucy? 😳

  3. Reply to this comment
    5:25 am on March 26th, 2012

    Bensonhurst has always been & still is (& I know an old Italian lady who lives there) mostly Italian & Jewish. It hasn’t been taken over by hipsters & yuppies yet!

    Don’t know if Irish were a big part of it back during days of immigration…but none of my Irish forebears lived there.

    I hope the book gets better!

    I’m mostly good…& very lazy…I need real Spring weather to energize me! I’m busy trying to work out the plot of a new play. I also have a another play that I’ve collaborated on that is currently seeking backers & a theatre. Fingers crossed!

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