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Secrecy Is Luxury

This week was SO not good. Its beyond me how life works. 🙁 I have lived through so very much, but I am at a point, where I am so lost beyond being ever found again, its crazy. Seems (it sure did!) this whole emotional bondage thing has thrown me over the cliff and now I am drowning even though I swim so well! Enough of metaphorical talking.

My friend, after almost carrying me into the psychiatric ward herself multiple times over the last few months, has decided I should go and see a friend of her Moms, they both do and did alternative healing methods. So on Wednesday I went and had an hour of Pranic Healing. It strengthens the body to heal itself basically. It sais the body has a natural flow of energy, and when at some point in the body the energy cannot flow, you will get sick. There are 5 Chakra points on the body. Before the “treatment” you can decide on which energy you need working on. For me, we worked on emotional energy. I laid on a bed with eyes closed for 30 minutes, while she worked on the energy. I am sure she did her best, but I just bursted into tears after she was done. 🙁 I guess I am beyond this healing technique. But I do feel, that for problems which are not as extreme as mine, this could be worth trying. In the end she told me that my Aura is beautiful and that I can get this fixed. But as she probably realized herself, this needs much much stronger guns than she could ever offer.

In my quest to not get completely smashed by my head, I once again, tried to stay busy. Biking and hiking ;), reading…

Another one of my absolute favourite shots ever! Good thing nature is so supporting: 😉

We, brother and I, also had an absolutely brilliant barbecue at my cousins. So much good food! We are really enjoying it to get so spoiled by them so much!

This week, I read Shades Of Grey. Very interesting and informatory. I think people read it, because it is such a bad book, that you cant put it away. :O Why not. Book recommendations very welcome. I am now reading The Night Circus, which is absolutely magical and enjoyable.

No dog news. 🙁 I am going to email them this week and ask for new pictures. I hope they havent forgotten us. :O We did start to buy things for little Emma.

I so much cannot wait for this dreadful hospital situation to be resolved, it gets more absurd and hurtful by the second. Remember my visit to the psychotherapist a while ago? Turns out, that after this, she and my dermatologist had a talk, and after this talk she abruptly stopped treating me and forbids any contact with her at all ever since. I wonder whatever became of the obligation to secrecy? And I cant understand at all why this doctor is still being 100% supported by the chief physician of this clinic? Beyond me. If I only had money, I would sue her crazy. Most of all for emotional cruelty.

This week will be challenging. But as always: this too shall pass, hopefully.

5 Responses to “Secrecy Is Luxury”

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    Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy | tycunepercussion.com
    11:16 am on August 26th, 2012

    […] Secrecy Is Luxury « Dailylife @ turtelina.net […]

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    9:21 am on August 27th, 2012

    Neue Emma Fotos wären echt was feines! :-O Hoffe sie kommt bald in ihr neues zu Hause zu euch – die bringt sicher viel Action und Freude in eure vier Wände 🙂

    Was die sogenannten “Götter in Weiß” betrifft… ich sag nur: eine Krähe pickt der anderen kein Auge aus. Die Sache mit der ärztlichen Schweigepflicht ist ja wirklich der absolute Skandal! Ich frag mich direkt ob das so Usus ist… soviel zum Vertrauensperson Standing. Zum speiben!!

    Ich freu mich aber sehr für dich dass du (instinktiv?) soviel Zeit in der Natur verbringst. Ich finde nämlich das Ist genau das richtige für dich – schade nur dass ich nicht mitmachen kann. Yay, radfahren! 😉 Hab mir übrigens am WE die gesamte Zubehörpackung fürs Rad besorgt. Helm, Handschuhe, Sonnenbrille und Radlhose. Die Radlhose ist ur schrill mit diesen Trägern… da schau ich aus wie ein bekloppter Wrestling-Heini, zum Glück trägt man da eh ein Hemd/Trikot drüber 😀

  3. Reply to this comment
    Connie AUSTRIA
    11:59 am on August 27th, 2012

    @Peter: Es ist eh die Anwaltschaft dran. Brechen der Schweigepflicht ist strafbar, Geldstrafe bis zu einem Jahr Haft steht da drauf. Gerade bei Psychologen werden ganz scharfe Maßstäbe gesetzt. So abartig was da abläuft… Aber gut, die ganze Sache wird gelöst werden, hoffentlich.

    Mit der Natur hat das Ganze nur noch wenig zu tun. Die ist einfach da. 🙂 Ich tu “Stress-abradeln”. Da verpasst du wirklich nichts. Radel Touren wie du, mach ich nie, weil ich eh schon zuviel radel. Aber schön das es dir so viel Spass macht! Tiptop ausgerüstet bist jetzt auch. 🙂 Jetzt brauchst nur noch ein Rennradel, dann kann dich vom Profi gar nicht mehr unterscheiden. 🙂 Mein Bruder und ich haben uns vor einigen Wochen fürs Berg steigen gut ausgerüstet, der Hervis hat zur Zeit so viele Abverkäufe, da ist sogar für unser Budget was dabei gewesen. Macht natürlich enormen Unterschied! Auf den Berg willst kein unnötiges Gramm raufschleppen. Dann geniesse deine ganze Radelausrüstung! Jetzt musst natürlich auch viel fahren, damit sich die Investition ausgezahlt hat.

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    11:13 pm on August 27th, 2012

    Connie, I think the fact that you started crying at the end of your treatment meant that it helped you! When I was in therapy it was so hard for me to just cry, to let my emotions go because I spent so much time controlling them that I just felt miserable. The more I let go of my emotions and let them out, the better I felt. Maybe the treatment helped you to let go of your control, to let your emotions out. You’ve been through so much in the past few years, I’m not surprised if you had some of that trauma bottled up inside of you. Good luck!

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    5:37 am on August 28th, 2012


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