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Time For Breathing? HAHA

I didnt even get a chance to blog last weekend, dang.

Halloween sewing came a complete halt, when I spotted a piece of cable laying around. *shock* Turned out, instead of Emma biting her bone, she bit through the power cable of my sewing machine, twice. Yikes! Had a nervous breakdown as you cant buy a cable alone anywhere, you would have to get a complete new sewing machine. But thankfully my cousin can fix it. Cousin fixed it! 😀

Didnt find that out until a week later, so my head went crazy for a week thinking about how to afford a new sewing machine. Thankfully not necessary. So relieved! I always thought only bunnies are biting through cables, so wrong! We still love Emma though. She is a puppy, not her fault really when I am too lazy to put my sewing machine away so that she cant reach it.

Make sure you keep checking my Emma photo album for the lates photos of her. I take a ton!

I made a new and better fetch video as well:

We also have two new bunnies that joined the world 13 days ago… I thought this whole bunny saga has ended. We were quite happy with just two of them… but they decided differently:

Back to work crazyness… I dont think anyone expected the recent cuts to be THAT obvious. Its hardly manageable at all. The work load is crazy, the areas huge! By the time we get out of the post office to deliver mail, we are completely drained, because there was so much mail to handle, it is mad. It is definitely not manageable in 8 hours. Do we get paid extra for longer working days? HAHA, not ever. Didnt help that that the complete management came to us on Monday, to talk about the changes that are still to come. More cuts. Expect the complete mail system to collapse once the new year comes around.

In my quest to get a degree to finally be able to apply for other jobs, I have packed my schedule way too full. I work 7-10 hours a day, go to Uni until 7.00 pm, walk the dog and fall dead into bed. I dont even have time for the most simple things. Only week 2 and I am SO dead. Not even funny. I dont think this will work out very well. But need to push through. I also have two presentations coming up in 3 weeks and no time to work on them. Worried.

I have to say, the Stratos Jump was the highlight of the last two weeks. SO CRAZY and SO EXCITING! I dont like Red Bull at all, even though Matischitz is from my home town, but they sure knew to produce the perfect Stratos Mission on TV. The pictures and live broadcast couldn’t have been more spectacular!

The hospital saga has progressed to its last and final step. More about that when it happened. I cant even tell how often I thought about if I did the right thing. But yes, I did. Now it is to be able to live with the consequences, because I am sure that there are consequences.

I forgot my Latin books at uni today. So mad at myself!!! I hope I get them back, but I doubt it.

Lots and lots of thinking. But as someone reminded me today, there are good things happening, too. We bought the first chestnuts of the season to roast on the weekend. The weather has turned beautiful again, we might climb the mountain on Sunday. We got our load of wood for the winter, no more freezing, hopefully. And my cousin can fix my sewing machine, yay!!!!! And of course: autumn is beautiful!


2 Responses to “Time For Breathing? HAHA”

  1. Reply to this comment
    5:27 pm on October 20th, 2012

    F*ck the mail company!

    A bitten cable normally is always replacable – my Dad was an electrician, I know :mrgreen:
    As a teenager I once was mowing the lawn and cut the cable (which also happened to my Dad once) and he fixed it in 10 minutes with shrink hose – cool thing.

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. Reply to this comment
    6:18 am on October 21st, 2012

    Oh Emma! Fetching- good! Chewing cable- bad! Cousins who can fix cables- priceless!

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