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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1415 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Flood Alarm

I have no idea what whoever has in mind, but its raining buckets since days and it doesnt stop. Rivers are already running over, some towns had to be evacuated… thankfully :idea:, we are not effected by the floods, because we are “so far” away from the Salzach. But its pretty bad. The Salzach is already higher than during the horrible floods in 2002…

At least that is not a worry for us. But please rain stop soon. I spent 5 hours in pouring rain on Friday delivering mail. ❗ Not acceptable. I had rivers in my shoes already in hour 1. 💡

This week was packed, with oh so many things and I am not sure I can remember them all. There was so much work! And I get stressed so badly in my head already in the earliest hours of the day, when I see how much work there is and I know I have Uni in the afternoon. 8 1/2 hours is not even nearly enough, when there is so much to do. And this week was crazy. Made it to Uni just barely.

Tuesday was the only day where we had “nice” weather. As all the rain at that point, already drove us mad, I skipped an Uni meeting in the afternoon so we could go inline skating instead. Not too much progress on my skills, but its really all about practice, which I cant do of course, because it just doesnt stop raining. 🙁

Wednesday was absolutely crazy once again. Apart from the masses of work, we had a form of training course, at 6.45 am. Mail carriers do everything way early. 😉 Postal system is having more changes in its system, and I remember me saying my nerves throughout this whole course. 😯 Who cares what people think at this point. 🙂 Went to radiation way late, and then got home totally exhausted. Had to take a bath, went to Uni, but had to leave early because of my obgyn appointment at 6 pm. Got late there too, because rain always causes traffic chaos, but thank God they were running late themselves.

Obgyn appointement was so much better than expected. Really good and nice people. :mrgreen: But they live in my delivery area, what do you expect. 🙂 He said that for the therapy that I am going to have, he suggests a copper iud. No hormones, as MTX causes enough sideeffects as it is. I couldnt help thinking that I am in the wrong movie! Such an absurd situation. Me sitting at the obgyn discussing contraceptions. And he apparently thought I am terribly funny, as he kept laughing at what I said. 😳 The papsmear and iud we are going to do at the hospital, as I need it for the MTX and not for private pleasure. And at the hospital the insurance pays. This appointement has cost me so many nerves, which were totally unnecessary in the end. 💡

Thursday was the last holiday for a while. I spent it writing a stupid but necessary summary of a presentation that we had at Uni. Took all day, but its done and gone. ❗ I am so far behind with Uni work as it is.

Friday, again, was crazy. Work in pouring rain, radiation, then heading to the bank because brother brought me back to bankruptcy once again. 😡 Do I have to say how frustrating it is to work and work and work and for someone to take my money without asking because he isnt working??? Without words. Solved the problem with a mini-credit. We would have had absolutely nothing to live at all otherwise. How good is family which does that? Over and over again? After that went to Uni for yet another presentation meeting and got home after 13 hours without pause. Watched Britains Got Talent and wrote up summary of presentation meeting for person 3 who couldnt attend until midnight. Way too long days.

Speaking of Britains Got Talent, it was Semi Finale Week! 🙂 There were so many absolutely brilliant acts, lots of which didnt make the finale. My favourites under the cut, there was just too much talent this year. The finale will be jam-packed with brilliant acts!!! Have a very good week my dearies. ➡

Semi Finale 1:

Semi Finale 2:

Semi Finale 3:

Semi Finaly 4:

Semi Finale 5 (pretty much all acts were insane!!):

4 Responses to “Flood Alarm”

  1. Reply to this comment
    7:19 am on June 3rd, 2013

    Thanks for posting BGT semis…I will watch them tomorrow when I have a better internet connection…glad to see the Shadow dancers & Jack Carrol made it through!

    Stay SAFE Connie!

  2. Reply to this comment
    6:39 pm on June 3rd, 2013

    Dem hätte ich schon längst ein Konto eingerichtet, worauf er jeden Monat einen Taschengeld-Betrag erhält und wenn der weg ist, hat er halt Pech gehabt – auf mein Lohnkonto hätte der jedenfalls keine Vollmacht. Nur weil er dein Bruder und quasi letzte nächste Familie ist, schuldest du ihm das nichts.

    Hier war der Regen auch übel und viele Überschwemmungen – dachte, dass es ab heute schöner werden wird, war aber nichts.

    Eine Spirale für eine Frau, die noch nicht geboren hat? Wobei die heute sicher auch weiter entwickelt sind – doll sicher sind sie nicht (wobei das ja grad kein Thema ist), grad wenn es KEINE Hormonspirale ist, sonst hätte ich keine Schwester 😆

    Pass gut auf dich auf!

  3. Reply to this comment
    6:48 pm on June 3rd, 2013

    @Anu: Die sind schon sicherer geworden. Laut Gyn wirken sie besser als die Pille! Viele Aerzte tun die eh nicht in Frauen die noch nicht geboren haben. Mal abwarten was rauskommt. Ich glaube eh dass es die Hormonspirale werden wird, weil die auf der Haut niemals zu etwas aus Kupfer (Allergie!!!) ja sagen werden. Wie verhuetest du? Desto mehr ich nachdenke, destomehr freunde ich mich mit Spiralen an. Weil einmal rein und dann keine Sorgen mehr.

    Ja, mein Konto muss ich sichern. Der macht das sonst immer und immer wieder!

    Ueber die Schweiz haben sie hier gar nicht berichtet. Typisch.

    Pass du auch auf dich auf liebe Nuschi! 😎

  4. Reply to this comment
    7:50 pm on June 3rd, 2013


    Soso – dann glauben wir das denen mal.
    Ich hatte die Pille und bin jetzt doch schon seit 10 Jahren sterilisiert – will heissen: Es ist noch alles drin, doch die Eileiter sind durchtrennt.
    Das stimmt, wenn die drin ist und sitzt, hast du einige Zeit Ruhe. Oh nee Kupfer geht bestimmt nicht in deinem Fall.

    Auf jeden Fall, sonst lernt er auch nie sein Geld einzuteilen. Gehts ihm nicht gut (oder leidet er an etwas, das du noch nie gesagt hast), da er ja schon länger nicht arbeitet?

    So schlimm wars hier auch nicht – trotzdem gabs Überschwemmungen. Ich schaue ja keine Nachrichten, habe jedoch auch nur so beim Zappen von Ost-Deutschland gehört.

    Das mach ich doch immer *knuddel*

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