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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1415 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Life is buuuuuuuuuuuuuusy!

The last two weeks were absolutely crazy, and there is no end in sight yet! It actually doesnt even bother me that much. I like being busy and accomplishing lots of things, reaching set mini goals and progressing on my education scale. But its mad. The day starts way early and ends way late, often without any break. 😐

My therapist isnt too happy with my life-style. She feels I am agitated on the level where it is going to affect my heart, because all the other symptoms I already have. And with the lack of sleep and excersize… So the plan is to see a psychiatrist to work once again on my sleeping and the state of agitation I am in. 😮 I really just dont want to waste any time. I want to do everything and not miss out on any of it, can I be blamed? 😎

Then the MTX-Saga continues. Rotten how complicated it is for a woman to get that medication! Especially when I know as a fact how easy it is for the boys. 😮 So more fun visits / phone calls to / with the ob/gyn to discuss our plan of action. I had to go to the ob/gyn outpatient clinic on Tuesday, because my chosen one works there during the day. I know he discussed the option of the pill with the hormone-specialist there, because the pill is known to improve certain skin disorders. But unfortunately not atopic eczema. The pill is known for making it worse! *aehm, no thank you* Then he said the 3-month-shot isnt an option, because once I have it inside and I cannot tolerate it, it is still going to be inside for 3 more months. The only option that is left, is the IUD. He talked with a doctor from the dermatology clinic, they dont care HOW I contracept, as long as I do it. 😉 The doctor did tell the ob/gyn though, that I am one of the worst atopic exzema cases. *shock* I would assume knowing this, would have self-answered the questions that followed. Apparently not, and he didnt even bother hiding his “thoughts”. 👿

Then, you have to have an examination in order to get the IUD. Honestly, I have no idea what he all did. I had a semi nervous breakdown while getting on the table. He had to get a nurse to calm me down and she talked skin with me while he did what he did. He didnt bother explaining it either. 😥 I do know, he is considering putting in the IUD while I am under anesthesia now. I dont think so! Way too much to do to even consider this. I guess we can figure, it will not be nice. These are the tribulations of life!

Uni is mad as the end of semester approaches in supersonic speed. Lots of meetings, lots of preparations, lots of writing and library searching, lots of talking to professors, reading and and and and. The workload is immense! Next week will be especially crazy! But this all brings me so much closer to my goal. Right now, I am working on a presentation for Friday, of course I want it to look nice too ;), more work:

I do try to get lots of inline skating in whenever I can. We did almost 20 km on Thursday (65,44 km in the last 7 days!), taking use of the brilliant weather! We are sooooo lucky to have such beautiful nature to skate infront / in. 😀


Then, there was some good food this past week, with all the things that I do, running around, biking, inline skating, and and and, you do get really hungry:

And there was the Britains Got Talent Finale! Lots of brilliant performances! Attraction, the shadow theater, won. I wanted Jack to win. But they were all really good! Go to the Britains Got Talent Channel to watch all of the performances and more.

I try to stay focused these days, not to let trivial things bring me down, not to pick up negative energy from my surroundings. Keeping goal orientated thinking. Remembering what is essential and why I do it. I can only change how I act and react, and not how others choose to live / think / deal. This is how I try to live. With all the challenges in so many different areas with which I am surrounded, this is the only way to survive. They at work have no idea how I do it and keep telling me so, too. And its nice to have my friend back at work, who has extremely structured and clear thinking and who reflects the absolute core of everything right back to me. ➡

Having said this, I really want to go inline skating now. *check* Stay focused Dearies and dont even start to waste precious energy with anything trivial. There are always more important things! Like barbecue at cousins tomorrow, weheeeeee! 😀

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    4:42 am on June 16th, 2013

    I love that Jack! He will be successful no matter what. I read Simon has already signed him up with a book deal! The Shadow dancers were truly amazing!

    Happy eating, skating & focusing Connie! (In any order you choose!) ;-D

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