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Projects, Projects, Projects

I want to do so much in 2014 and time seems never enough. I am so looking forward to go back to crochetting and knitting, these projects I have in queue, which I want to do very soon:

  • “Follow Your Arrow” shawl mystery knitalong. Every week part of the pattern will be published. I am going to participate, in the sure knowledge, that I will never be able to wear whatever the outcome is. Wool, whichever it is, not good on skin. But that doesnt lessen the joy of Mytery Knitting! Yay! 🙂
  • Pocket Book Slippers, these will be fun. Would be great as (Christmas) gifts, too.
  • And I am kind of fascinated with the Hatnut trend that has hit the crafting world. I will definitely try the patterns, as time allows.
  • Star Deco, this looks like fun, would make a great decoration for the colder months
  • Mug Wraps, I am kind of obsessed with them. Fuuuuun!
  • I am sure there are many more things that I want to make. But these are on the top of the Lets Do It list.

    Then I want to participate in the 365 Days Project, again. Never managed it before, and my life isnt too interesting to be able to take brilliant photos everyday. We will see.

    Through a friend I have discovered the coolest clothes! Like this, this, this, this and this. If I buy one piece per month… drool Loooove.

    Which brings me on the topic of the incredible generosity of the people in my delivery area. I already posted photos of the many gifts that I received. On Thursday, I thought it was time to count the money that I got from them…

    You would never guess how much this is. Never! I couldnt believe it myself, it is insane. I guess you could say that the money that people get from their parents throughout the year, I got from the lovely people in my delivery area. I received about 900 Euros, yes, that would be nine-hundret. ➡ Even writing this out… Substracting the Netbook that I already bought, I still have more than half of it left, which will go into my piggy bank. With it we can spoil ourselves with little things throught the year. 😛 Which wouldnt be possible otherwise. Yes, I know, its insane. Absolutely insane.

    Other than that, I need to get my Bachelour degree this year. Which will be doable. I think the biggest hurdle will be the huge Latin Exam. 😥 No words of how worried I am about this one. Today, I worked already on my ape presentation on Wednesday. I found some good and useable things. I should be good.

    Lots of other things that I absolutely want to do, like going back to guitar playing and such. All doable. Uni needs to have highest priority for now. After work, which pais the bill. 💡

    Other than that, I met my obgyn this past week. Actually on the very last day of the year, thank you God. 👿 As he lives in my delivery area I shouldnt be surprised. They got a package they had to sign and he opened the door. All good so far, until he said “Ja hallo, wie gehts dir denn?” Hmmm. A) I am the mail carrier. Most people use the informal you. I am very much ok with that. I signed my Christmas cards for them with my surname Cornelia. B) BUT: I had a Silvia Deja-Vu. She used the informal you and I think this was the beginning of the end. This was ODD. But ok. No use overanalyzing anything. 🙂

    For a bit of distracting of reality, I got myself frog socks they had at a discounter this past week. Loooooove!

    This coming week one semi presentation at Uni “swans in a Minne song”, one big presentation “apes in literature”, still need to write a literature essay and work. Plus I have to be a little careful with my weight, hopefully it wil get less now that Uni is back on, less time to eat. 😀

    I leave you with Inferno over my head, as I am calling this photo. Have a very good week everyone, be good to yourselves!

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      7:11 am on January 6th, 2014

      Wonderful people on your route…generous indeed. Have a good week yourself! Great socks! ;-D

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