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Springtime, Goodbye One Hour

We are having absolutely insanely brilliant weather! We wanted to go inline skating today, but in the end, the day just passed too quickly and my brother wants to go and buy new ones, as old ones are way overused. I definitely want to go skating very soon as I really need to shed weight.


Which of course didnt stop me from baking today. Scones, a spurt of a moment decision, they were a bit thick this time, brother ate a bunch anyway 🙂

And I really wanted to make sugar floated cookies. They are a mess! But I do know now, that I should have made the topping thinner and used a toothpick to make it float to all places. Next week I will try again:

And no, if you are wondering… I didnt want them baby pink and blue, I wanted them green and orange, but I didnt hit either of the two colours. Trust me with colours!! They do look nice when they are all squashed into a nice Easter Bowl:

I really need to try to improve my eating habbits. It is this stupid exhausting work, along with having no time to sit down and eat a meal in connection with steroids here and here that have made my intake absolutely and utterly rubbish. See the influence of Sky News on my English? 😉 Seems like I want to hord as much energy as possible so I get through work, then of course I am running out as noon approaches, but I am not done with delivering mail at noon, so I load more crap calories in form of sweets, sugar, more sugar, and more. So I am going to try the Bento Box Approach again.

I watched lots of preparing Bento lunches on You Tube giving me lots of ideas what to pack. Maybe this will work, to replace my constant snacking, with having one little box full with OK food along with me. Its a try. The Japanese are packing lots of rice, sausages and eggs into their boxes. But also veggies and fruit. I will try to put whatever we have in there. 😀

Other than that, this week was mad. When someone at work doesnt talk to me all week because I helped someone, then you cant help but think that some minds are too messed up to even start wondering about what is wrong. I will continue to help people out, because this is who I am. I will not exchange my goodness with “badness” just to approve work collegues.

I have been crazily tired all week. I managed Uni OK, but eyes are far beyond acceptable and I kept wandering through the deepest foggy valleys. Yucky. Clear sight is worth a lot. Especially when you sit in a postal car for hours!

Friday, I met up with Eva. She invited me for dinner. I have realized, her desperation level is a lot lower then mine. Always nice to meet up with her though. We skipped this months meeting of the astronomers though, which would have been this past Friday as well.

Tomorrow we are going to watch Requiem in my movie analysis seminar. My presentation will be about Hitler Portrayels. This was the topic that was left besides The Shoah. Bad luck.

I didnt do anything for Uni all week, let alone work on Bachelor paper, but this time I can really blame my eyes.

I hate having to change clocks. This one hour is already missing incredibly! I wish they would stop this stupid changing clock thingie, its horrible and so useless.

Nevetheless, enjoy this Easter Season, its the time where people can rise from the dead! Take that metaphorically please. 😀

I feel like I am about to give birth, thank you absolutely useless IUD!

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    6:02 am on April 1st, 2014

    Those sugar floated cookies are intriguing…love how they look in the jar! Festive. Happy April Connie!!!! ➡

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