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-1415 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Happy 4th Game Of Thrones Season

This week brought nothing new. Lots of work, lots of Uni, lots of sleepyness and lots of bad skin.

I am so ready for summer when mail will be considerable less. This is a photo of the packages that I had to deliver on one day. One package had 28kg.

Mad. The whole week was a crazy work week. I am exhausted. I need to apply for REHA, I need a break. It is too much and I cant find any peace, as there is so much to do and when I have a bit of time off, my skin is making my life miserable. 😥

Brother had his written acceptance test for the Salzburger police on Monday. Four hours. He isnt sure if he passed it, but we will find out at the end of the month.

I think that my skin is incredibly sensitive. Suprise! I dont even think anymore that I am allergic to the cremes that I put on, I am now thinking, that my skin doesnt and cant tolerate anything and therefore it reacts pretty much immediately to pretty much everything. So on Sunday evening. Skin didnt stop reacting all night and I went to work in pretty bad shape. People there reacted as if it was my first day with atopic eczema, good God. 🙄 I need to discuss this with whoever will treat me this coming week. I think my skin could be so much better, if I wouldnt keep reacting to whatever I put on it. It is exhausting.

This week was my first full Bento week. I didnt lose too much weight, just barely, but I think I ate a lot healthier, see how my motivation got less and less as the week progressed? 😉

Emma got her hair cut and the weather this past week was absolutely amazing! I loooove Easter, and turtles, can you tell?

And you should definitely check out Sky News for an amazing video of solar flares

I baked more Easter Cookies today which didnt end up any better the ones from last week. Photo later.

Tomorrow the bulk garbage cars are coming and picking up some stuff from us. We have sooooooo much that needs to go… So much seperation. And speaking of it, this week was a horrendously grieving week. Everyone gone was on my mind to the point where my head was about to explode. I cannot let go. The key of letting go is, after my opinion, to replace it with something new only then can you let go of the old. I am lacking the new and the old. So difficult it is.

Tomorrow we will watch Funny Games in my movie analyze class. I am also going to see the therapist for the very last time and discuss my possible therapy future. Tuesday I want to go to the hospital, Wednesday is full with work and Uni, I am sure there is something on Thursday and Friday as well. Saturday no newspaper round, thank God!

Today is a happy day, because it is the day where Game Of Thrones is back, yippie! I think you should all watch this to get in the mood:

Happy Game Of Throwning everyone, may your favourite not be killed this season, good luck! ➡ ➡ ➡

4 Responses to “Happy 4th Game Of Thrones Season”

  1. Reply to this comment
    8:12 am on April 7th, 2014

    Just watched GoT & am totally happy tonight! Don’t want to give away any spoilers but what an ending!!!!?

    All the best to you this week Connie!!!! Can you believe I’m still wearing my winter jacket????? Not feeling Eastery yet.

  2. Reply to this comment
    6:08 am on April 10th, 2014


    If you haven’t seen this version of the theme yet…here it is LOL!

  3. Reply to this comment
    10:21 am on April 12th, 2014

    @Lucy: Ah I missed it! 👿 Apparently the user deleated it itself. Bummer. I watched the episode on Monday, but must rewatch it at least twice. Ending was brillliant. :)I cant wait for the fights at the wall. My most favourites GOT moment so far in the books! Of course there were plenty. 😉

    Cant believe you still have to wear your winter jacket. We had whatever-short weater already! NICE! New York seems to have a weather of its own. poor Lucy! ➡ ➡

  4. Reply to this comment
    5:41 am on April 14th, 2014

    Try typing Game of Goats into YouTube…a bunch more users keep uploading it!

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