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by Olivier Guez

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Two Months In A Life

Lack of posts? Yup. Lack of motivation? Definitely. Lack of will? NEVER! Time passes too quickly and I am so terribly sleepy all the time, there is hardly any mental power and bodily strength left to get home from work. If that makes any sense. I blame the sideeffects of immunsuppression. I need something -one to blame.

Having not posted in so long has its upsides. I have sooooo many photos to share. For one, there was Easter. I had a week off work right after Easter, so I got to enjoy it fulltime, despite my skin being at its worst since years! On the Saturday before Easter, I had cards for the dress rehearsal for a concert at the famous Salzburg Easter Festival, it was spectacular! The sound in the Old Festsielhaus is amazing! Very much enjoyed it. During Easter we slept, we ate, we ate,… lovely. All the good things in life that are fairly easy to obtain. Lets not talk about everything else that should and could be… Here are some impressions of my Easter 2016:

  • Easter nest from someone in my delivery area.
  • Big Easter nest from someone in my delivery area.
  • Pferdeschwemme, parking my bike.
  • Neutor, heading home after the dress rehearsal.
  • Happy Easter 2016!
  • Easter-Striezel selfmade.
  • Our Easter Chicken.
  • I am a deco junkie!
  • Best book ever: "The Name Of The Wind".

Before Easter I had my checkup at the pulmonary doctor, and please get this: I gained 6% of lungvolume, bringing me from the pathological 78 percent up to 84. Isnt that insane??? I almost screamed out loud, soooo very happy. I worked so hard for this. All the hours in the water and it totally paid off. Doctor couldnt believe it himself. Also I had a couple of visitis to the dermatology clinic… all not too satisfying. We raised the immunsuppression, more stronger steroid cremes and so on. Skin is still acting up badly. REHA didnt help all too much this time. Shame. Only means I need to try again very soon.

Other than that, the gardening season is back in full swing again. Yahoo! I am just starting obviously:

  • Flower Shopping
  • Flower Pot 1
  • Planting
  • Flower Pot 2
  • Result 🙂
  • More results 🙂
  • Basilikum Pot

In my week off of work, I went up the Mönchsberg again like 4 times, a couple of times with Emma. Enjoying the nature, sight and and brilliant weather we were having! Good times. Beware: a billion photos ahead (sorry that they are not in a chronological order):

  • Heading up.
  • Stairs, why are there always stairs???
  • Love the nature!
  • View.
  • Another view.
  • Emma <3
  • Such brilliant weather that week.
  • The alps.
  • More alps.
  • Church. Roman Catholic of course.
  • Salzach and city view.
  • Nature.
  • Part of the Salzburg Fortress.
  • Again.
  • Going even higher (not all too high though).
  • View.
  • Ohhhh!
  • Fortress.
  • Emma is exhausted.
  • Hello doggie.
  • She is doing stay. 🙂
  • Good girl.
  • Of course it helps that she is exhausted.
  • View.
  • More walking.
  • Doggie.
  • More of her. Never enough!
  • City view.
  • Getting dark.
  • We were up there for quite a while.
  • Fortress.
  • Walking.
  • And the fortress again.
  • Doggie.
  • City view.
  • City view.
  • Alps.
  • Walking.
  • Alps.
  • Evening.
  • City View.

Emma seems to be sleeping all the time! She had 2 stomach bugs since my last entry. Which meant vet bills, shots and pills for her. She seems do be doing better now. Poor doggie!

  • Snuggling up close.
  • Such a cuddler she is.
  • Exhausted and sick.
  • Sleepyhead!
  • Hello there!
  • Oh again?
  • Sleeping. You would have guessed.

I have been reading plenty. Mediocre books, bad books and best books since a very long time. You absolutely must read The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and the sequel A Wise Mens Fear. They are insanely good! Beautifully written, excellent word building, brilliant ideas… the best books I read in a while. Very high quality literature. Read it NOW! What are you waiting for?! 🙂

There is so much else to tell, but I will save that for another time. Until then I leave you with a beautiful sunset. Be well my pretties!

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  1. Reply to this comment
    7:11 am on April 18th, 2016

    Congrats on your increased lung capacity! That’s great. Sorry about your skin & I’m glad Emma is feeling better.

    Great pictures Connie. I especially like the close up of Emma’s nose! Happy Springtime to you both!

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