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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1366 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Mini-Vacation Here I Come

Last working day for a couple of days today, weheeee! Another thing that makes me happy: NO WORK! I am now off until Thursday, then 3 days of work and then another round in the hospital, also off until Thursday. Ah nice. Inbetween: swimming, eating, cake, spending money and some other other stuff. But a lot of it will make me happy. Good enough for me.

Fun thing at work today. There is a Lady who always walks to the bus station with her cat following her. Today she asked me if I would drop her cat off for her, because the cat otherwise sits eight hours at the bus station waiting for her cat-mommy to come home. Ohhh, I couldnt say no, could i?

Fun! Not so fun: brother had another fit of aggression. This took me a bit longer to overcome. But nothing a swim practice cant heal! Plus staying up long playing silly games and the view onto a Christmas decorating weekend. Almost instant happyness!

Me after swimming. It was about 10.00 pm and you can tell it was a long day. I havent been feeling well lately. Good thing I am going into the hospital in a week. My skin is also acting up a bit and I doubt this trial I am on more and more. I think IGe removal is a good thing, but I would be surprised if I havent had quite a rebounce again. I think in combination with something else it could be really a good thing, but doing only apharesis might just not be enough to help the worst cases. But what do I know. Having said that, people in my delivery area are so happy that my skin is how it is. I guess they are right. My glass is always half empty as I try to achieve greatness.

And with that I say Good Night! I will see you tomorrow.

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