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Vacation 2014 – Week 1 and 1/3

As it always is, vacation just flies by. I am not amused. But I can honestly say, I am trying to enjoy it and do as many things as are possible.

On Tuesday, it was pouring rain. I ended up staying at home, cuddling up on the sofa with a huge cup of hot chocolate:

Later on, Luise and I went to our Marionettentheater. It was OK. Sound Of Music was just a bit too much for me. I think they are playing it for the tourists, whom will love it. But for use it was way too schmaltzy.

Wednesday was INCREDIBLE! I really did it an went back into the pool after an horrendously long time. I was afraid people would stare, but turned out that they were all busy swimming and had no time at all to look at me or my skin. IT WAS FANTASTIC! It took a little while to get back into it, but after going 5 days in a row, I swam 3 kilometers without any problem on Sunday. I swear I FEEL SO ALIVE! Its like being born again. And the best thing, you dont forget swimming at all. I think my technique is still quite good and even the flipturns are a breeze.

  • Aya Bad
  • Way to the pool 🙂
  • My towl, goggles and tissue cozy.
  • Inside again.
  • You can watch the swimmers from the outside.

They are using way fewer chlorine than they used too. Skin isnt all too happy about all the water, but swimming right now is worth it. After swimming for the first time, I got out of the pool and was covered in bruises. Reality is everywhere.

On Wednesday, Luise, little Eugen (18 months) and I went to our Haus der Natur, to look at the whale exhibition. We ended up running after Eugen most of the time, so not too much looking around. I like spending time with Luise and her little one! Makes me realize how unproper my life is at times.

On Friday, I went into the hospital for a control appointement. Apparently Novartis is starting an Interleukin 13 phase 3 study around the world, and we hope that I will fit the criteria. Usually those pharma groups know very well which people to take in and which not. I try not to worry about it. What shall be, will be. I no longer want to miss out on anything, with or without Interleukin study!

Yesterday was AMAZING! Due to lack of boyfriend, brother and I went to get a very good breakfast , lay on the sofa reading and afterwards we went on a 30 km inline skating tour. It was incredible! Make sure you click the next button on the right side to look at the slideshow.

  • Our route way up too Großgmain.
  • Love our nature!
  • 🙂
  • Beautiful weather, as well.
  • Untersberg hiding.
  • Untersberg
  • So pretty.
  • Always move forward.
  • A flock.
  • Sheep on our way.
  • Snack Break.

Afterwards I met up with Eva at our usual coffee house. I had the most deilcious Topfenstrudel, so good! I also got the coolest gift from her significant other, because he got jam from me:

Today, I visited Luise and Eugen at their home. Running after Eugen, throwing him up the air and alike was exhausting as hell. I have no idea how Luise does it nonestop!

Today I made Mozarella Basilikum Pizza and Emma sends a big kiss as well:

I am so very happy without the post office and I am more than sad of how fast this vacation is running away again. BUT I still have this and next week. I just have to keep enjoying it.

Make the best out of every circumstance. Life is just too short! Lots of love.

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    4:01 am on August 27th, 2014

    You go girl!!! …and…
    That pizza looks terrific!http://turtelina.net/dailylife/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/Hail.gif

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