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Happy New Year 2016

Juhuuu, this is the first entry in the New Year of 2016. May it be the best, healthiest and luckiest year we ever had! We can always dream and we all might as well dream big, bigger, biggest!

December was absolutely crazy, not even funny. Hence the lack of posts. There was so much work, way too much work. I lost all of my relaxed state in these 4 weeks. It was crazy. Not nice! I worked every single Saturday, to get all of the parcels out.

But who cares now. They are all delivered, and there were hundreds and hundreds of them. The people in my delivery area did appreciate my work and showered me with money, sweets and others things over the last couple of weeks. They all said that they are so thankful and really appreciate my hard work. *loooove ego-boost*

The Advent-Pre-Christmas time I tried to enjoy, despite everything. Brother and I baked delicious Christmas cookies. This is just part of the routine. Not as many as we have in previous years, but a couple different ones and they are all soooo good.

I had way too mny Adventcalenders for my own good. One I didnt even get to. I am sure I will like it just as much next year. I enjoy Tea Adventcalenders almost the most. The book on was nice and well, and the chocolate one – not pictured – was great as well!

Of course I read like crazy. I didnt want to fail my Goodreads 2015 Challenge! I read at all times and in every place. my favourite spot was infront of the Adventkranz though. Did I say that I finished it, like 3 hours before it ended? Talk about last minute reading sprint!

  • Reading.
  • Reading....
  • More Reading...
  • Sooo much reading...
  • Christmas Reading
  • And last day of the year endspurt reading...

Emma had a good time this Christmas season. As she always has really. What a good life a dog has.

  • Emma sleeping.
  • Emmas ready for whatever.
  • Emma and Turti Selfie
  • Can you spot her?
  • She has to be in every shot.
  • The dog has ekzema as well...
  • Emma opening her christmas present.

Christmas Eve and the First Christmas Day we spent over at our cousin. I am not too sure I enjoyed it all to much this year, brother being in his usual horrible mood with his tempers and alike didnt help one bit. He is such a difficult human being, and that is not even coming close. I tried to enjoy myself and enjoy every single second. Here are a couple of impressions of my Christmas season. Cousin got himself a baby dog btw, a baby Labrador: Marie, she is sooooo cute!

  • First Advent
  • I decorated the wall with stars, it was so empty.
  • Second Advent.
  • Cookie Baking Galore
  • More Cookies
  • Postal Christmas Party in Maria Plain. View down onto the city.
  • Third Advent
  • More Cookie baking
  • We bought our Christmas tree.
  • And just barely got it in the car.
  • My postal car christmas decoration.
  • Last Saturday before Christmas.
  • Writing Christmas Cards for work.
  • Presents from people in my delivery area is starting to grow.
  • On the day of Christmas Eve.
  • At my cousins. His Labrador puppy with my present.
  • She loves it.
  • Isnt she adorable?
  • Our tree at home.
  • With decoration.
  • Poinsetta
  • Emmas Christmas present
  • wrapped
  • and she is opening it
  • Cousins Christmas tree, I decorated it.
  • Christmas is here!!!!
  • Another Christmas tree decoration.
  • Present I got from my friend Eva.
  • Happy Christmas 2015!

Our Christmas wasnt all too exciting as you can tell. I didnt even take alltomany photos.
And I was exhausted as hell. Once Silvester eve came, I was so tired once again, and just barely greeted the New Year 2016 at midnight. I didnt even take a good photo to show you. What a shame! So all that is left now is to start at the beginning of this entry once again: to wish you the bestest year ahead.

Think positive, the rest will follow anyway – whatever it will be. Have a good one you all!

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