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The Story Of A Hard Landing

Sorry for the lack of updates. I wasnt in the bestest mood in my third week of vacation. The weather was beyond awful, we had constant rain and thunder. We were practically locked inside nonestop, unable to do any of the things that I had planned. So what else was there to do than eat and write on Uni papers?! Which was also exactly what we did. We had brilliant breakfasts most of the time, we pampered our mood with homemade Sachertorte and of course the absolute necessary hot chocolate on a rainy day.

  • Sachertorte
  • Making Of
  • All Done
  • Sachertorte without whipped cream
  • Yummy Breakfast
  • Nussschnecke
  • Hot Chocolate

Emma of course very much enjoyed herself, as she always does, lucky girl!

  • Heidiho!
  • Sweet Emma
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep
  • Emmas Blessed Sleep

As already said, I spent a lot of time on my Hitler Film Analysis Paper for Uni. The professor is so incredibly picky and difficult as a person, that I wanted to do my best. Which will not be enough for him, as he very obviously is not too fond of me, but I analysed the heck out of Downfall, 31 pages! 15 pages would have been enough, but there was so much to say. I really hope, it is good enough for him. I am going to upload it in a bit, for anyone interested. Eva and I met up at the coffee house to discuss it, which is always a great help! Plus they have incredible Apfelstrudel!

And then something awful happened. The Saturday before my vacation was ending, brother and I took use of a short time frame where there was no rain. We took off inline skating. We found a new route, which is absolutely lovely and so beautiful! Its called Mozart Radweg. We skated for a while and then on our way back it happened: I fell over a big branch. Brother was in full speed as well, so after I had already fallen, he couldnt stop in time, and drove over my leg, as a bonus. Worst thing of it at the time was not the pain, but the people that stared and stared and stared. No words!

Somehow I made it back to the car and then we started to think. Doctor or no doctor… Leg didnt look too good, so after a long discussion, we went to the General Practitionar Emergency Service. The doctor there sent me straight to the ER. And this was the result:

  • Emma making sure I dont move! But lets start at the beginning...
  • Inline Skaten - In Motion
  • Inline Skaten - In Motion
  • Hausarzt Notdienst - Does my knee need stitches?
  • Unfalkrankenhaus (ER) - I need a check up.
  • VERY POOR Connie: Hurt 🙁 - Elbow and knee needed stitches, plus hurt pinky finger.
  • *suffering* The first few days were absolutely awful!
  • Soul Food: Schwedenbomben
  • After first checkup. Knee still looked like it would never heal!
  • Still suffering though.
  • Thank goodnes for Ikea Candles! To guide me through the darkest of times...

Elbow and knee needed cleaning (of course) and sewing. They also made a lot of X-Rays. Knee looked crazy without all of the blood! That cost me so many nerves, but I survived and I left all bandaged up. And then the vegetative state began, in which I am still. Thats the worst, to be locked down. Unable to move or do anything! Of course I am off work, in the second week. I went to the distribution center last week, my delivery area is going down the drain. Which is to my liking really. Is there anything worse than being easily replace-able?

Friday, I have to go back to the ER-After-Care to have the stitches removed. I hope the scar on my knee wont end up too bad. I am already “disfigured” as it is!

There is hardly anything positive about laying around. But I had plenty of time to watch Apples Keynote 2014 and the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Verdict. I love the new I-Phones, especially the bigger one I-Phone 6 Plus. And Oscar Pistorius had way more luck than brains.

In the meantime I visited Luise again at her home, met up with Eva and went to the Dermatology Clinic, as they are testing a new skin lotion which was originally developed for the epidermolysis bullosa patients. It helped heal their blisters so they are now trying it now on a couple of Atopic Eczema Patients. The healing agent is not a steroid but rhubarb! I said I would participate. While I am testing I cant use any sort of steroid lotion. Hm. I admit, I already used steroid creme. It is not doable, to stop all steroids all of a sudden and start with rhubarb. They must know there would be a steroid withdrawel! This makes me really doubt that they know what they are doing. But I am not going to get upset, I just keep doing what I have been doing. 😉

I cannot wait for my wounds to heal up so I can go back swimming! I miss it. Lots of negative drama with brother. He keeps pulling me down with him, its bad. Especially as I cant flee these days. I will learn to not care anymore!

You never can predict life. So glad about it! Life goes on, as it always does. Take care of yourselves, and be well!

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    4:41 am on September 17th, 2014

    OUCH!!! Oh, Connie get better soon! Best of luck with the stitches too. http://turtelina.net/dailylife/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/hug.gif

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