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Six Weeks Since

Today I went back to work after six long weeks. And it feels like as if I havent been gone at all. Isn´t reality something wonderful?! I was told politely, to not go inline skating again. The collegues suffered, with me being gone from work so long. There are just way too few of us. Go and hug your mail carrier, right now!

Over the last two weeks my wounds healed. Not too fast, and not all too well… the ellbow stitches were pulled first, a week later the knee stitches. In 3 weeks of not bending the leg one bit, the muscles disappeared. I practically had to learn to walk again, that was odd. But I survived, and I am back on my legs. And I am itching to go back inline skating, if I am honest. Especially now that the weather is so nice. 🙂 Here are some impressions of my sick leave week 2 and 3:

  • Kindle Love! <3
  • Emmas blessed sleep, part 2964.
  • Totally poor Connie, still.
  • Netflix has made it to Austria, weheee!
  • Reading Kafka.
  • Foud for the soul.

I even managed to finish another paper for Uni. Now one more to go for last semester, and one from the last summer semester. Everything takes forever. But I am dead proud for writing two Uni papers in the past 4 weeks, weheee!

It it the time of the year again… Happy Halloween Season! I am a sucker for any sort of decoration, so we got the Halloween decoration out early,, just like last year.

  • Halloween Decoration
  • Muchly loved Pumpkin Candle Holder
  • Pillows, we need many more. 🙂

I need to knit more bats and sew more pillows. But there is still time.

I dont think the rhubarb creme is doing wonders for me. Last time I was in the hospital, they took photos of my arms for the study, but really, it doesnt help. The eczema has spread immensly since we started. Friday I went to see the head of the dermatology clinic, and he wasnt too impressed by the rhubarb “success” as well. We are continuing and we will make more photos on Monday to keep track of any progress or the lack of it. I admit, I put on steroid creme a couple of times since, because the eczema has spread to a point, where it is really disturbing me. Other than that, they have been really friendly and in a good mood at the hospital. We even discussed my scar. I prefer them to be in a good mood, but I shouldnt care, I really shouldnt. So many doctors left since the old chef retired, lots of new faces, I think they might be in a state of crises at the dermatology departement, lack of skilled doctors!

This past weekend I went back swimming. My goal is to swim 3 kilometers each time. I really do need the excersize! On Sunday, I managed to swim at least 1 kilometer breaststroke with one leg, since the other leg is still rather stiff. Works ok and I am not even that slow, faster than the guy swimming freestyle in the lane beside me. I dont want to bend the knee too much, not good for the scar.

Uni is starting this week, I made my tax return for last year, I visited Luise, Eugen and Eva, found my love for Family Guy and I am now only 3 books behind in my 50 Books in 2014 reading challenge.

Being gone from work for so long is NOT good. But being at home all the time ist not good either. I will adapt again. Hopefully soon.

Emma sends a very big kiss:

Make something special this week. Just because you are alive. Make it extra special and enjoy while doing it! Life is all too short! Lots of love and hugs!

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