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Halloween Here I Come

I really do love holiday crafting. 🙂 It gives me a theme to go crazy. And I loooooove Halloween: gravestones, bats, spiders… mmmmmh. Excellent. Most of my decorating is heavily inspired by Pinterest, but that is what it is for, to inspire people. 😀 I am far from done, I am just starting out. So much fun!

I will photograph the complete set / wall / area once I am done. Starting to look really good and ALIVE. 🙂

Other then that, this week was rather quiet. I got a good grade back on the last paper that I handed in on: Sozialgeschichtliche Literaturtheorien bei Kafka in Bezug auf das Urteil. I am not even going to attempt to translate that, to not bore you to sleep. That was a really difficult seminar and I am quite happy with my 2 (B) that I got. Especially under the given circumstances. There were some minor errors in there, which I need to talk to the professor about. But happy. 😀

Then we decided that Puppy Classes are in order. Emma is so much alive, it is hard to train her without support. And to get her used to other dogs and people. Emma is sooooo shy. While the other dogs played, she kept running into the building to hide in the kitchen. It did get better as time went on. But people do love her a lot and they all want to take her home with them. 😉

Then we went to see a play by Thomas Mann Der blaue Engel, which was really good. A small stage in the center of the room and the audience sits around it. I like this setup a lot. It lasted 3 hours, a bit too long for my liking, but it was really enjoyable and well executed.

On Thursday we went to listen to a presentation on Nazionalismus in Salzburg. This is a whole series of speeches, but this specific one dealt with literature, the arts, book banning and burnings by the NS Regime. Of course as it dealt with such a tricky topic, the major was there and all kind of other people. Interesting.

I didnt do too much exercise as you can see, but I did get to visit some of my favourite spots again. Can you see the change of colours?

The best places to think are those, where you can get lost in the beautiful nature that is all around us. I dont even want to know how many hours I spent already staring down on that beautiful view.

And as life goes, it happened that I sat at a very quiet spot when a desperate old Lady came to me to ask me to rescue her dog. He went down into the river and couldnt get out anymore. he cried heartbreakingly loud. What was there left to do then go down there to help? Good thing I was there. The next person came along 10 minutes later, the dog would have drowned until then. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Emma is still doing well, I think. She is exhausting us. Puppyhood. It cant last forever…

Lots of thinking. But some good reading going on. Still, lots of thinking.

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    6:49 am on October 1st, 2012

    Wow! That old lady & that doggie had an angel watching over them that day! Good on you Connie!

    Have fun in puppy class!

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