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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1366 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Holiday 2016 – week 2

Week 2 came and went with the blink of an eye, if not faster! I was a bit delighted that the pool area is now closed for 2 whole weeks for intense cleaning. For one, I would have felt pressured to keep on going swimming just to take use of the empty pool so now for two, I had so much time for everything else. I was a tired of all the swimming too. 45 kilometers is a bit much in that timeframe. What else did I do? Lets see.

On Monday, I started a new book , or rather I started a new saga: The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I am not sure if I am quite ready for yet another huge saga so soon after the most brilliant Kingkiller Chronicles. I didnt get into the book, forced myself, just read the pages without being present. So after 100 pages I put it away.

Instead we went to a store to look for birthday presents for a friend – I am horrible in buying presents, I rather make them myself – and to look for skincare products. This is what I got:

The lotions smells like cocoa, not so sure that I like it. The things on the left, the tea and the chocolate balls were the present (my friend is 65), and the rest additional stuff for after swimming. The chlorine makes my skin really dry. In the evening I met up with this friend and we spent like 4 hours talking. Mostly she talked and I listened. 😉 But I dont have too much to tell really. She did push me towards writing the long dreaded papers for Uni. I will, hopefully.

On Tuesday, and I am sure I havent told you that I signed up for testing Mare´s Milk products. Mare´s Milk is supposed to be great for skinproblems. Its not the pure medical type meds that I usually take, but rather something totally natural. A friend put me on the testing list, and in the morning my poor postal worker arrived and brought me a whole box of stuff. And I really do mean, a whole box, worth 250 Euros! I got it for free, can you believe it? I defintitely cant!

It is milk for 30 days, pills for 30 days and two small containers with lotion. Yes, say it: UNBELIEVABLE. I have since started and the milk tastes awful. Like nausea awful. Best method: drink it as fast as possible, in one go, without breathing and without adding anything to it. Because I am on vacation, I obviously have too much time on my hands:

Stutenmilch Testphase #1 from Connie Voelker on Vimeo.

We also went to Ikea, I spent way too much money on unnessecary things like candles and blahblah. In the evening I took Emma for a walk and me Pokemonhunting. It was lovely.

On Wednesday, I was finally able to drag my absolutely lazy self up the so often already told about city mountain. The weather was insane, for the complete week!

Otherwise I cooked Black Bean-Sweet Potatoe-Rice Veggie Burgers and they were so good! Along with Marmeladenkipferl again. Yumyum.

Thursday was hospital day. I had skin check up at the dermatology clinic at 8.05am. Same thing same thing. Funny thing – or really not all too funny – Silvia (if you remember her!) stormed into the side room where I and the doctor sat, because after years I still have to be treated in a spare room , I am sure she saw me. I didnt bother to look at her. After some time she left again. And that was already the most exciting thing that happened at that appointement. Then I had over an hour to waste until my next appointement at the lung outpatient clinic. I decided to sit in the park and enjoy nature. Unfortunatly someone came and talked me comatose. Isnt that lovely. It would have been really nice otherwise!

I am also sure I didnt tell you that I am getting a Biologic for my Asthma. On top of the immune supressants that I am getting for my skin. Nucala it is called and its brandnew. I already received it once last month so I had a checkup before getting it again, which had to be postboned in the end, because I didnt get the prescription in time. I am very pleased to say my lung volume has once again increased to – excuse me – fucking 88%!!!!! Thank you swimming is all I can say, yay me! The Nucala does what it does, but I dont feel an improvement yet to be quite honest. I am pretty sure my skin has gotten worse though. 😉

After that, my brother and I went to the lovely Stieglkeller for lunch. Brother was in a bad mood, as he always is really, but I did try to make the best of it and yes, it was lovely. In my head, not in his. This was the view from our table:

After that, yes, I am really happiest when my day is packed to maximum extent, I finally went to get glasses. And it took forever. I need glasses for working on the computer and to give my eyes a rest from wearing contacts all the time. I hate it. But lasoring them is way too expensive. So glass it is. This is a dark day in history. I got these:

Friday was an extremely exciting day as I met up with a friend from REHA and we went to Tirol for an event at a pharmacy there. Loved every second of it! Another friend from REHA knows a pharmacist there, and he took time out to talk to us about various lotions, which cremes we could try and so on. It was totally worth it. I also really enjoyed meeting my friend again. Austrias Nature at its best. Here are a couple of impressions from that fabulous day:

Saturday I went up the Mönchsberg once again and I made a video for a change.

Mönchsberg from Connie Voelker on Vimeo.

I also started reading the original Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. I never read it before and I really like the writing style. Look, someone left their feet in my book, outrages!

Also, do you like my new blooming sunflower? I absolutely love the colours!

Sunday we actually wanted to go swimming, but as I didnt feel up to it, I decided to take Emma for an unplanned 7,2 km walk around the City Mountain again and it was fabulous. I totally enjoyed the brilliant weather, whereas Emma was close to her breaking point. Unplanned of course. I think another gallery is in order, prepare yourselves (you might just spot me inbetween):

It was a good week. As expected my vacation passes incredible fast. But I still have two weeks to go. I want many more adventures please! See you next weekend, until then: be well you all!

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