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Merry Christmas 2016

I sincerly hope you are enjoying the last hours of a most brilliant Christmas! I cant belive its already over again. So much work, so much preparations and now all over. Dang. Couldnt have time run slower just for once?

I am sorry I left on such a depressing and colourless note. I was bummed for a while until I managed to pick myself back up again. As always. Such a waste of time to be depressed and sad. Life is just way too short, but sometimes you just cant help it. :auweiha:

Christmas season was really stressful. As expected. Especially as we had another round of presidental elections which also means: massive lots of mail. We survived it all. I worrked so much! Many 6 days ways in a row, each week no less than a good 50 hours. I am sure the tax people had a good drink on my cost. Whatever rocks your boat, all I am saying to that. :ahhhh:

I love Christmas season though. So festive, cookie baking, Christmassy clothes, lots of people in good and giving moods… A good time. I really tried to make the best of it. Emma too, quite obviously!

Christmas eve was good. We went over to my uncles again and it was really nice. We enjoyed ourselved, had laughs, good food, it was really nice. My cousins dog is all grown up!

The first Christmas day was not all too good. Brother had a fit, it scared me to pieces and I cried for hours afterwards. I have to stop trying to make him happy. He doesnt want to be happy and that in the most selfish, destructive and aggressive way. I just cant imagine anyone on this earth tolerating this behaviour apart from me.

Today was good. I slept in, then snuggled up with the dog on the sofa. I rarely do that. No time and allergies! But all good today.

We both enjoyed it a lot. Then we had a brilliant breakfast while watching the last two Hobbit movies. I went swimming (absolutely no good idea right after eating so much!. Afterwards I went back to laying on the sofa, reading, watching YouTube and just enjoying lazy life, which I really absolutely deserve after working so much! People realle appreciate it, I love when they tell me that. Then I know its at least worth it. 😎

Not too much else really. I hate having to go back to work tomorrow. Especially since so many people will get to stay at home. Oh well. So be it. Our tree this year:

I had another round of Nucala this past Thursday. The Pulmo-Doctor has started to tell me private things. I dont feel too good with it. I of course like to be liked, but I dont like it at all if it makes any sense. Because this is how the whole Sylvia-situation started out and that ended in the most terrible way. Constant vigilance, Harry Potter has so much wisdom crammed into it. :ausrufezeichen:

I bought myself a wireless keyboard for my IPad. This way I am independent from the computer when I want to write entries. Maybe this also means more entries. We will see.

I am sure there is so much else to tell. But I want to read before I have to go to sleep. My soul needs pampering.

This yesterday totally threw me off and has hurt me to the most inner core inside of me. I dont think I will forget, but learn to not let it affect me. He is a good person in many ways but his other side is xxxxx (you insert a word). Times like these make me hurt for my parents so badly, they are not here of course. Yesterday, I wanted to be with them. Such useless thougths. And rambling now.

You all be well and safe. Treasure life, living is such a gift. Everything is a gift and absolutely nothing should ever be taken for granted, ever! Merry Christmas lovely people! Lots of love.

3 Responses to “ Merry Christmas 2016

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    Connie AUSTRIA
    3:06 pm on December 27th, 2016


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    2:48 am on December 28th, 2016

    Du weisst doch ganz genau, dass du nicht dafür zuständig bist, dass es deinem Bruder gut geht, krank oder nicht, ist er erwachsen genug, sich die Hilfe zu holen, die er benötigt.
    Helfersyndrom adeeeee im 2017.

    Wie immer wurde Weihnachten hier ausgelassen, kein Stress – kein gar nichts, nur gemütlich.

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    6:21 am on December 28th, 2016

    I’m really liking the BLUE lights on your tree! Yummy cookies. Sweet cousin’s dog & snuggling with Emma while reading — excellent Christmas activities!!!

    I got books too & a gift certificate to Amazon which I already know I will spend on books! Happy reading to us both!

    Good luck back at work.

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