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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-1325 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Relax And Remember To Breathe

Another NaBloPoMo entry that is not written on the computer, I will edit this tomorrow. Daone!

Today I learned, that I must stay calm and practically mind my own buisness. As someone in my delivery area said to me when he saw me looking crushed from his window:“Cornelia, you are who you are. Dont let those who dont *whatever* drag you down.“ I almost bursted into tears. I get so upset when people cheat and consciously fake. Like with the counting mail that we are doing all week, I know people count much more mail than that is there to count. I feel that they are cheating a) the „institution that gives them their monthly salary and b) they are cheating their collegues. Then there are those people that should randomly check people if what they counted is correct and I got so upset and mad because they dont check and it gives people a pass to do what they want. All of this in combination with so much mail that the season brings and long working days (10 hours…), knowing that Uni is in the afternoon, I dont have all day to get the work done… it was a bad bad super upsetting day. I am calmer now and I must remind myself: who cares what the others do, concentrate on yourself. It is NOT worth my nerves and my health to get so upset. I am just super correct, and everything has to be like it should and blablabla. It explains my bad skin.

We talked about something quite interesting at Uni, which also fits to The Dumbhouse which I finished reading a few days ago. Hans Blumenberg Arbeit am Mythos, talks about the need to give a name to the unknown, because he feels that this prevents fear. Once you name something, you have some kind of power over it. Thats why planets were named. It makes it so much more less scary knowing that this is just Saturn (for example) that any description of the planet itself ever could. Fascinating.

After this, my friend fell down the stairs when we wanted to leave. She is 65. So we spent a good deal of the late afternoon making sure she is ok and drinking tea. She IS ok. 🙂

I wonder if we will have a none-stressful Christmas this year. Maybe…. 🙂 Stay well my friends. Stay cool.

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