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Das Verschwinden des Josef

by Olivier Guez

-748 days until until long birthday weekend. oh no

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Lets Throw Things Away

There was cake for breakfast! 🙂

We finally did it. We took use of my last day of vacation and started to sort things out. Its only a start, but we have to start somewhere! Seperating ourselves from things is not something we learned and therefor its not easy for us, but we are slowly starting to manage. I am going by the rule: “have we used it in the last year +? Did we miss it? No? Then it can go.” Already it is a lot emptier or rather: less crowded in here. We also painted some more walls. We spent all day cleaning, throwing things out and painting. Exhausting! It feels good though. We cannot hang on to the past, it wont help anyone.

I had one Asthma attack after another. Even after finishing Hyposensibilisation against dust mites, I am still reacting to it, badly. That was a nightmare. I guess it will be worth it on the end. Hopefully. Actually I am sure it will be.

If you are waiting for the typical things I used to do in my birthday vacation: bad luck. Our Christkindl Market is opening later this year (so pissed!) and we will go shopping for Christmas decoration, but later. We really did close to nothing that we were normally doing, breaking routines, scary.

Back to work tomorrow for three days. Dreading it and not very happy. But this too will be ok in the end, hopefully.

And with that: good night my friends, see you tomorrow.


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... und in der schwärzesten Nacht meines Lebens sah ich Sterne.
Der Schatten des Windes